Thursday, June 1, 2017

Tales of the Traveling Totes #11 ~ Keeping Austin Sweet

Welcome to Tales of the Traveling Totes #11!

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate

Patti @ Pandora's Box on thinking of this idea,

getting our group together, and organizing us along the way.

Look how our group has grown!

When Patti first purposed this idea to Debbie and me, 

who would have guessed that two years later

we would still have adventures to share and that along the way

others would grab a Courtly Check tote and join in the fun.

Jenna ~ Katie ~ Linda

Please welcome our latest travelers.

Other than an April weekend get away  

with my childhood girl friends,

Miss Merri Mac and I haven't been on many adventures.

The getaway to the lake was relaxing with stunning views, 

friendly roaming deer, and lots of laughter as our group

caught up with each other since last year when we were together.

For lack of any interesting excursions to share,

I decided to put on my candy stripe shoes,

grab Miz Checkers (aka MacKenzie-Childs Town Tote),

and take you on a "Sweet Tooth Excursion"

around Austin town.  Interested?

With a forecast of frosting with sprinkles,

I'd say the timing is perfect!

First stop ~

hey cupcake! An Austin Original

What started in 2007 as a "vanilla dream"

by a young man named Wes Hurt,

hey cupcake! now celebrates its tenth year in business.

An Austin icon known for its air stream venues,

one can find these delicious cupcakes at three different locations.

Click here to read a previous post on hey cupcake! 

You'll get a more complete idea of this clever business model.

Our choice ~ Red Velvet

The ten menu choices are the 

same at each location,

and one can also ask to make the cupcake a

"whipper snapper."

That's when they inject the cupcake

 with fresh whipped cream.

Red Velvet is our favorite and 

one of the best sellers.

Next stop ~

Cup Caking Desire, Austin's Smallest Bakery

Cup Caking Desire is Austin's first and only Bakery Trailer.

Created in 2011 by Brazilian Interior Designer, Luciana Roth, 

the bakery specializes in cup cakes, cakes,

cake pops, petit fours, and cookies.  

All are made from fresh ingredients onsite inside 

the specially designed trailer.

Going home with us ~ Strawberry Fields

Made with bits of strawberry inside and topped with

a chocolate covered strawberry over strawberry 

butter cream, this delicious cupcake is a winner.

Last one for the day ~  

Cupcake ATM @ Sprinkles

Sprinkles, a California based company

has just recently come to Austin, and with it,

Austin's first Cupcake ATM.

With a line waiting out the door, it's convenient

to simply walk up and make a purchase at the ATM.

Inside our ATM box ~ Sprinkle

The Sprinkle is a cheery cake loaded with rainbow sprinkles

and topped with vanilla buttercream adorned 

with crunchy rainbow non-pareils.

Inside the store, customers can order from a broader menu selection

~ cup cakes, ice cream, cookies, and drinks.

There was even an adult cupcake choice for May, 

the Casamigos Margarita,

a key lime cake loaded with Casamigos Blanco Tequila 

and topped with key lime frosting.

Doggies love cupcakes too, so Sprinkles offers a special

sugar-free doggie cupcake with yogurt "icing".

The age old slogan here in town is

Keep Austin Weird, but today it's 

Keep Austin Sweet!

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Just in time for summer picnics or pool side parties,

 the Traveling Tote girls are giving away a 

Courtly Check enamel ware container.

Rita @ Panoply

is our host this time around, and to be entered you must leave a 

comment on Rita's blog for a chance to win.

Good luck to all!  Winner will be announced on June 10th.

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The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. Good morning Sarah, I love the travelling totes stories. I wish I had owned one when I visited India as that would have been a wonderful photo opportunity.
    I am always amazed by talented bakers who can create wonderful confections in such limited spaces. I have a sweet tooth so I know I would have enjoyed any one of these cup cakes. My daughter recently moved to Chicago so you never know, I might be lucky enough to visit one of these bakeries in the future. Now that would be fun.
    Best Wishes to you.

  2. Good morning Sarah, I would love a Casamigos Margarita cupcake right now! You had me a Key Lime frosting! What a Sweet way to show us around Austin with your tote, and I adore your candy stripe shoes. Which reminds me of when I was a Candy Striper as a teen, and spread cheer in local hospitals (we wore cute striped dresses). I am ready to quit my job and be the person that works at the cupcake ATM. I would love that job! ~ Debbie and Miss Aurora

  3. A Cupcake ATM is just my speed and I love a forecast for a chance of sprinkles, especially the sweet kind! Your Courtly Check Cupcake Cups would make any flavor cupcake more delicious. I hope Miss Sadie enjoyed a yogurt frosted version :)

  4. Good morning nice tutor we love sprinkles cupcake now there in Texas too there is one in Houston I love them we miss the one in California
    Wen we was living in Mission viejo CA
    Enjoy your time

  5. So nice your group is expanding..lots of fun..inspiration..and friendship..sweet sweet post Sarah!!

  6. What a sweet post, Sarah! I love cupcakes. Maybe you could give me the cupcake tour when I visit Austin again. I am a serious taste tester when it comes to sweets. Have a wonderful weekend, sweet Sarah!

  7. You guys have the best time! And I really do love the bakery -- it's adorable and the cupcakes look terrific! Very sweet!

  8. Now that's my kind of excursion, Sarah! I would love to tag along and go to all those sweet spots with you, and enjoy the cupcakes that you chose! Keep Austin Sweet is perfect new slogan.

  9. Cupcakes make everything better Sarah! Aren't you clever to create this sweet travel trip! Of course, now I am CRAVING cupcakes! I'll take one from each location please! I'm off to find a cake ATM~ and load up my tote with cakes!

  10. Sarah, I really enjoyed this Sweet trip through your wonderful city! I can't even imagine how one would think up the idea of a cupcake ATM! It certainly seems to be successful. This is NOT what I need here -- another opportunity for easy and delicious snacks -- and from the looks of those yummy cupcakes I would never be able to resist!!! Sadie must like the idea of special doggy cakes. They are so cute too! And your shoes are perfect for this fun trip. Now I really want a cupcake!! Linda

  11. Frosting with a chance of sprinkles?? that's the kind of forecast I'd like to see in my neck of the woods! ;) Your group has grown, I have seen a few new posts from old friends. What fun...

  12. Oh Sarah, you have me craving one of these wonderful cupcakes to go with my coffee. What a fun idea for a post, and you get to sample all those sweet treats. I have to say if my Connor could go to these places he would have to taste all of the flavors and none would win, it would be a big tie! One of these days I have to sample all of Austin's great restaurants and cupcakes of course! Love those shoes!

  13. Such a sweet trip and those amazing cupcakes. Red velvet is also a favorite of mine. I think it is great they also make doggy cakes. Your candy striped shoes are darling. I also was a candy striper as a teen. Cupcakes make everyone happy. Thank you for the sweet introduction.

  14. When I was a little girl living in Texas we went to Austin several times on vacation. Wish they had those cupcake places back them…I think I would go for the strawberry one.

  15. Sarah, I loved traveling with you around Austin for beautiful cupcakes. Now I am so hungry. Who can possibly turn down red velvet?

  16. You had me at cupcakes! Love this "sweet" post of your tour of Austin! And of course love how you put them in the sweet CC cups! Happy Tales!

  17. Oh my goodness, Mr. P. would go absolutely CRAZY over those sweets, Sarah! They all sound so wonderful, but made even more photogenic with your dressing them up in those snazzy Courtly Checks! That ATM cupcake concept is just pretty awesome (and weird, so there ya go, Austin!). Love the idea of injecting whipped cream too. Adding another item to my bucket list when I get to TX! Thanks for the fun post and being such a wonderful friend. Cheers to Patti and our totes for being the common thread among us all and our friendship.

  18. I love all the cupcake, they look so yummy. Your photo's are amazing. So glad that you girls had a grand time visiting Austin's favorite Cupcake stores.

    Have a great weekend Sarah.


  19. Very fun! I live in Japan and I think that a Sprinkles shop would be be very popular here !! We don`t have one yet:)) After visiting a few of the Travelling Tote blogs, I think I will be seeing black and white checks patterns today!!
    Blessings and have a great day!!

  20. I'm craving cupcakes now also! What a fun excursion through Austin for sweets. My son and DIL were married in Austin in 2010. Such a lovely city.
    Love your candy stripe shoes, Sarah!
    Fun adventure for your traveling totes adventure. Sweets are my favorite!!

  21. Touring cupcakes in Austin with Miss Meri Mac is a bit of sweet heaven! You ladies have such fun adventures! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  22. What fun adventures you sweet ladies are having and when you add Courtly Check to the mix it can't get any better!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  23. What a great post!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  24. Dearest Sarah,
    A very bubbly and happy post of traveling girls with their special totes!
    Who could have imagined that Cupcakes would become so popular, the world over?!
    Love your photos!
    Sending you hugs,

  25. Lovely pic and mosaics

    Happy Mosaic Monday

    much love...

  26. You are a happy and hilarious bunch of ladies. You must have so much fun! Great and merry photos - enjoy!

  27. Fun to see where the totes have been or are going! Can't beat cupcakes. I'll have to remember these places the next time I'm in Austin! Happy Monday!

  28. Lots of delicious sweets! and so much fun shared! a happy new week ahead!

  29. You girls look like you know how to have a good time. What a fun idea to have the traveling totes theme. I'm craving a cupcake now! Hope you have a marvelous week!

  30. Hi Sarah, the travelling totes group is a wonderful way to share your adventures and I certainly enjoyed tagging long on this sweet visit to Austin. Not usually a cupcake lover (not a big fan of frosting) but the margarita cupcake might just make me a convert.
    So lovely to have your special kind of sweet with us for Mosaic Monday this week.
    Maggie Xx

  31. Sarah,
    One more reason to visit Austin... cupcakes! I brought home a box of six cupcakes when we went to Magnolia's Silo Bakery. Cupcakes are just the right size and can be eaten without a fork. The ATM for cupcakes is a brilliant idea. Now I'm craving a cupcake. We have to find a cupcake bakery in Mansfield.


  32. What a great cupcake business! Thank you for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  33. What a fun time! I love the cupcake holders - I saw those in the MK catalog! They look great with the cupcakes!

  34. Sarah - what a clever and fascinating post! I am always inspired by people who come up with new business models and deliver them in such beautiful and creative ways. Thank you for highlighting these folks and their businesses - we need more people like them these days!

  35. You have a lot of fun on your travels with your totes. The cupcakes look delicious!

  36. I love to hear the tales of the traveling totes. Cupcakes = yummy! Thank you for sharing at Vintage Charm.

  37. It's fun to follow the traveling totes! Thanks for sharing your fun! Hugs, Diane

  38. I have never tried Sprinkles, but I have heard a lot about it. I absolutely LOVE Hey!Cupcake. You could swim in that cream cheese good!!!

  39. So many things with same print as the traveling tote.. Lovely..

    Please visit:


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