Sunday, November 28, 2010

Don't Waste It

Andrews and McMeel of Kansas City published a series of Mary Engelbreit mini books. As they say, "it's an irresistible combination ~ our Little Books and Mary Engelbreit's enchanting illustrations." Only 3" x 4", they are the perfect little gift to pop into a special someone's stocking.

DON'T WASTE THE MIRACLE, is one that celebrates "the wonder, joy and miracle of Christmas" through a collection of Mary's illustrations.

My copy was a Christmas gift to me from Kate, a first grader in my class in 1994. Sixteen years later, I still enjoy the message of this little jewel. The simple, heartfelt words that accompany each illustration remind me to slow down and appreciate the simple things around me during the holiday season. "There's a miracle in Christmas, and the miracle is love."