Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Magic of Rain Lilies

Over 14" of rain in Austin over the past two weeks.

Fortunately we have not experienced flooding

with these recent rains, and the cooler than

normal temperatures have been a welcome relief

from the triple digits that are typical here in August.

What we have experienced,  just like magic,

 the sweet little zephyranthes

are doing what they do after a Texas rain.

Zephranthes, also known as a rain lily, prairie rain lily,

or fairy lily, are in the amaryllis family.

Here in central Texas we see them burst into bloom

after heavy rain storms such as we've recently experienced.

The grass like leaves produce the trumpet shaped flowers

after heavy rains.  The blooms begin to open at dusk and by

morning will be almost two inches across, lasting only a few days.

Rain lilies are native to this region 

and often seen in mass along roadsides

or in grassy meadows of parkland as seen above.  

The rain lilies in our herb garden

get full sun and with a layer of gravel 

above the soil, a well drained bed.

We get the pleasure of all three of the pastel colors.

More rain is predicted for the coming week.

It may be sometime before we see blue skies again.

Fortunately we have the magic of the rain lilies!

If you live in Zones 8 - 10,  you too can enjoy the magic.

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