Sunday, October 29, 2017

Autumn in New York ~ It is So Inviting!

Autumn in New York is always inviting, and especially
so when one is meeting up with a group of friends.

Yes, after more than two years into the series, 
Tales of the Traveling Tote,
the girls behind the totes decided to meet up in the Big Apple 
and finally meet each other in person.

Seven of the nine of us made the trip,
traveling from California, Texas, Alabama, 
Connecticut, Massachusetts, and upstate NY.
It was a weekend to remember!

First up ~ Friday evening @ Fonda in Chelsea.

Each of us arrived in the city at different times through the week,
so a few of us got a head start with Friday Happy Hour.
It's amazing how this group easily connected as if we
had known each other for a life time.

Saturday morning, the girls and totes all converged 
for brunch @ The Russian Tea Room.

Clockwise From Left
Sarah @ Hyacinth for the Soul
Linda @ Life and Linda
Debbie @ Mountain Breaths
Patti @ Pandora's Box

The Birthday Girl

Jenna @ The Painted Apron and Rita @ Panoply
were definitely with us in spirit.

Look for more about this beautiful
venue in the next Traveling Tote series.

After brunch, Katie was off to the theatre,
 but the rest of us headed to our favorite NY store.
~ MacKenzie-Childs @ 20 West 57th Street ~

We were warmly greeted by Greg and Roz.

This duo was expecting us and graciously arranged for champagne 
and sweet treats upstairs in the beautiful mezzanine area,
serving us on our favorite dishes.

The girls of the Traveling Totes have been cyber friends for years,
and it was truly heartwarming to see how easily and 
smoothly we melded into real time.
You would have thought we all had been life long friends.
As Winnie the Pooh said,
"As soon as I met you, I knew an adventure was going to begin!"
An adventure it was! Even some of the
Men Behind the Totes 
joined in on the fun time in NYC.

Needless to say, MacKenzie-Childs is like nirvana,
the idyllic shop that makes us happy!

Shopping with these girls is the best!

"The best things in life are the people you love, the places
you've been, and the memories you've made along the way."

Thank you, Traveling Tote Gals, for a magical 
and fun time in NYC!

Let the adventures continue!