Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Two Hearts Are Better Than One

Two hearts 

are better than one!

"I love you...
A little, a lot,
passionately, madly"

A touch of France for Valentine's Day.

Don't you adore this little French poem

inscribed on this heart-shaped lavender sachet?

It's much like the "love-me-love-me-not"

game that children play with daisies.

I've shared my heart with

my husband for over 36 years.

My valentine and I are both Francophiles.

In honor of

St. Valentine's Day

I'm once again sharing a French themed

table created by my friend, Twila.

This beautiful French themed 

table is set to celebrate love. 

 Layers of exquisite textiles, a large Quimper vase of red roses, 

elegant silver, red glass stems, and a mix of red and 

white dishes topped off with Quimper bowls.

I think this is one of the prettiest tabletops I've seen. 

 It offers the perfect romantic touch with a French twist.

Not only do the layers of textiles offer 

a lovely contrast of red and white, 

did you notice the wonderful edges and 

details of the white matelasse and 

the sweet heart appliqués on the square topper?

Each place setting layers a white dinner plate 

bordered with red checks, a scalloped edge salad

plate of red glass, and a charming Quimper cereal bowl.

The settings alternate with a bowl that

features a Bretonne, the female figure . . .

And one with the Breton, 

the male figure.

White linen napkins embroidered with the same 

typical Quimper figures are held with clusters of tiny glass 

grapes and add a touch of fluff to the border of checks on the dinner plate.

Here is a closer look at the beautiful

embroidery and the stunning napkin rings.

Charming cherry place card 

holders mark each guests' spot.

Fragrant long stem red 

roses echo the theme of love.

This sunny dining spot offers the

perfect setting for a meal that celebrates love.

And just for you ~ a cart full of hearts 

with a hug and a kiss, too, all delivered 

in a Breton miniature wheel barrow 

that was made in Plozévet, France.

I hope you shared

St. Valentine's Day

with those you love.