Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Regal Hue ~ Violet

Do you see it?

It's there at the base of these glorious poppies . . . Violet.

Violet is the base and lavender is a tint of this royal hue.

These beautiful lavender jewels were grown

by a very kind and thoughtful lady.

Meet Bella of Bella's Rose Cottage.

Not only is this beautiful woman an amazing gardener, she is also a very generous gardener. She frequently shares exquisite photos of the beauty of her Washington state garden, but by August, Bella's stand of lavender poppies had withered.

The whimsical green seed pods that once looked like this, had begun to dry up.

Bella harvested thousands of tiny specks of rich black seeds that popped out of these pods.

Then she carefully packaged them and this thoughtful lady offered a packet of these seeds to her readers who like to garden.

Mid August an envelope, the color of delicate lavender, arrived at my home. This little package had traveled from the North West bearing a beautiful stamp of violets and containing this sweet little package of poppy seeds.

Yes, Bella, here at Hyacinths for the Soul we live by the motto:

" Flowers Feed the Soul "

Thank you, sweet garden friend. In the next week or so I'll be spreading these tiny seeds in some Texas garden soil. Come next spring I hope to have lavender poppies gracefully dancing in the breeze. My heart will be full of joy!

Click here to visit Bella's Rose Cottage where you will find delightful treats await you. Bella is not only an accomplished gardener, she is also an inspiration in the kitchen as well as in her beautiful Victorian home. She had an article published in Old Fashioned Living and has been featured on numerous blogs. Drop in to visit Bella and tell her Hyacinths sent you.

I'm joining Mrs. Matlock in the last class of Rainbow Summer School for the color Violet. Click here to see a list of other participating this week.