Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dog Days of Summer ~ A Refresher

According to ancient Rome,
Dog Days of Summer 
last from July 23 to August 24.

Well, I'm here to tell you that
with the Texas heat,
Dog Days
of lethargy and inactivity are still here.

It's definitely the season 
for afternoon naps
followed by a refreshing treat.

Like an icy cold 
glass of lemonade.

Along with a slice of
 delicious Meyer Lemon cake.

~ Lorina ~
Delicious ~ Sparkling ~ Lemonade

Nothing better on a hot summer day
than citrus drinks to quench one's thirst.

Any way you slice it,
this lemon cake is full of goodness.

Tangy with a 
touch of sweetness.

Elegant and Light

An afternoon citrus refresher.

"When are you going to stop talking 
and cut the cake, Mom?"

"I'm ready!"

The Perfect  Refresher
~ Dog Days of Summer ~


One of the things I've gleaned from watching my "chef" 
is the importance of mise en place, having all ingredients
measured and prepared before one begins cooking.
This practice enables one to cook efficiently and eliminates
the possibility of leaving out a step or ingredient.

Another tip for you when making 
this recipe is to use a spring form pan.
Using a large flat spatula like 
above also allows easy transfer.

You'll find the recipe here
where I originally shared it for
 Cooking With The Meyers.
Silver trays, flatware, plates, and 
vase were all thrifty finds.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Breakfast On The Terrace

Last week I invited you to 
join me for Cocktails On The Terrace here.
Both mornings and evenings have recently offered 
up pleasant breezes, so this week I thought you might
like to join me for Breakfast On The Terrace.

This cheerful tray is from  Le Cadeaux.
 ~ Fleur de Provence Yellow ~ 
A neighbor's recent return from a week in Provence 
has me reminiscing about our own past 
summer provencal vacances.
No summer trips for us this year,
so I have to make my summer fun here.
Join me for a little provencal escape.

Since retirement, I no 
longer get up with the roosters,
but occasionally one will join me for breakfast.
This handsome fellow, surrounded by some of the 
traditional "les indiennes" designs of the South of France, 
was a thrift store find.  I paid all of $3.00
for this delightful needlepoint pillow.

Most mornings I have a bowl 
of lemon yogurt with fresh berries.

Since you are joining me today 
I sliced up some fresh cantaloupe and
made another batch of lemon blueberry muffins.
You'll find the recipe here when I shared them for 
Foodie Friday Mystery Ingredient Club #1.

Coffee, dark and rich,
served in these sunny mugs.
 ~ Printemps by Sigma ~ 

I guarantee these 
lemon blueberry muffins 
are some of best ever!

I may just linger a while longer with my 
daydreams of sunny provence.
Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cocktails On The Terrace

Cocktails On The Terrace 

Courtesy Of 

A gift of party mixers and

a gorgeous hand painted pitcher

recently floated my way from

Mary's lakeside abode.

In celebration of my "booty"

from Mary's Blue Crab Bay Giveaway,

I'm serving drinks and appetizers.

The beautiful stoneware pitcher 

is the original design of nationally known

 folk artist,  José Dovis.

One side features a blue crab. 

The other, a grapevine design 

inspired by the vineyards 

of the Chesapeake Bay Region.

I filled the pitcher with 

flowers for our table this evening.

~ Grevillea ~Lysimachia ~ Eucalyptus ~ Roses ~

This stoneware pitcher will be perfect for

serving drinks when we host a group.

The Sting Ray Bloody Mary Mixer

is award winning with a rich

 blend of tomato and clam juice.

Great to cook with, Blue Crab Bay's 

web site offers a variety of recipes that use 

Sting Ray Bloody Mary Mixer.

The jalapeno infused margarita mixer

offers a real zing to the traditional lime margarita.

How about a little something to 

munch on with your tasty drinks?

~ Snow Crab Claws ~

 The Perfect Cocktail Appetizer

Pick them up 

by the claws and   .   .   .

Dip them into 

a spicy red sauce.

I'm enjoying mine with an

ice cold zesty margarita.

I salted the rim with

Cyprus Lemon Sea Salt.

All gone and

ready for another!

The "chef" is having Blue Crab Bay's

signature Sting Ray Bloody Mary.

We may be landlocked in central Texas,

but for this evening's cocktail hour,

 we can feel the ocean breeze.

Thank you, Mary!

 won a Blue Crab Bay gift too.

The two of us planned to have a virtual party with 

cocktails here and dinner at Kitty's Kozy Kitchen.

Some of you may know that Kitty's husband is terminally ill. 

He is now receiving Hospice Care.  

Kitty asked me to let her blogging friends know.  

Please keep Kitty and her family in your 

thoughts and prayers as they travel this journey.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lemony Lunch For Two

If you follow my blog, 
you know I've been 
cooking with lemons of late.

I've had these pretty shell 
shaped dishes for over a year.

I only have two of each, as 
they were a clearance find at TJ Maxx.

I simply couldn't leave them 
sitting on the shelf at $2 a piece.

So they came home with me and
have been waiting to star in a tablescape.

If anyone knows a source for more
 of these beauties,  please let me know.

Last week when the "chef" cooked up
Preserved Lemon and Spring Vegetable 
Risotto with Grilled Pernod Shrimp,
I knew just what dishes 
I would use for our luncheon trays.

Vintage French Ivory Flatware

More of my monogramed linens 
from early marriage days.
We have a set in brown that I used 
here in last week's brown and white table,
and these in lemon yellow 
which are just right for our lemony lunch.

It was the perfect time to use 
our special Parisian napkin rings
which were among a Paris brocante gift from
Jackie @ Bliss Farm a year ago June.

Merci Beaucoup, Jackie!
We adore using these charming 
rond de serviettes.

Lemons and seafood are a 
perfect pairing.  Click here for the 
original post that shares this recipe.

A glass of vin rouge is
 a nice compliment.

A pretty tray for 
Monsieur and   .   .   .

One for madame.
Bon Appetit!