Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Summer Whimsy ~ Summer Tablescape Blog Hop

Come swim into summer with a little whimsy.
Dip your toes in the ocean, walk the beach, 
let the sand sift between your toes, and smell the ocean air!

Welcome to our Summer Tablescape Blog Hop,
with a big shout out and thank you to our leader and hostess,
 Rita @ Panoply
the lady who keeps us organized and on track.
We have 19 tabletop stylists joining the hop today.
Links are at the bottom of this post.

Join me to "Seas the day" 
and have a little fun at the table.

We are out on the terrace for a casual table for two.
Fortunately it's not yet triple digits.

The summer of 2018, I flew to upstate NY to attend the 
MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale.
Four of these whimsical fish mats swam into my cart.

Originally intended for a kitty's food mat, I knew immediately
that I would repurpose them as placemats for my table.

I'm all about whimsy, and the details 
on these mats stole my heart.  

Did I mention that they are perfect 
with my MKC Taylor ceramics?

They add even more whimsy 
to the whimsical Taylor patterns.

Another repurposed piece is this Neoprene Freckle Fish lunch bag.
Soft and squishy, I bought it with the idea 
of using it as a flower container.

Simply fill a jar with water and fresh blooms and place it inside. 
What do you think?  Do you repurpose items for unexpected use?

I have a collection of the MKC ceramic fish knobs that a friend gave me when she redid the bathroom cabinets at her lake house.  

They are waiting to be added to a piece of furniture here, but in the meantime, I thought they would be fun swimming on the table.

They come in several color ways, and the detail on these little fish
is totally amazing.  The artisans at MacKenzie-Childs are so talented!

Crown Linen Design anchor napkins, fish napkin rings,
and mother-of-pearl flatware bring a little formality.

Our simple blue glass stems are 
tried and true for most any occasion.

This Freckle Fish tile swam into my collection just in time for this post, and it's the perfect dish for my antique ivory S&P shakers.

Shiver me timbers, our skipper has 
a boat load of saltwater taffy.

Saltwater taffy is known as a seaside treat.
A trip to the beach isn't complete 
without this chewy, sweet treat.

Coral and Tusk is one of my favorite companies.
I love the whimsy of their deigns, the anthropomorphic 
figures dressed for the seasons, all expertly embroidered 
on basic linen.  The pocket pillows are so clever. 

Every beach scene needs a lighthouse!

What's a beach without seagulls?

This friendly guy flew in to offer you a
sweet treat to send you on your way.

Louis Sherry is another favorite, known for their delicious
chocolates presented in iconic tins, this company dates back to 1881.

Today's tin is Sea Life by artist, Idoline Duke.
Louis Sherry offers a complete selection of beautiful tins
designed by renowned artists, in addition to their selection 
of tins offered in an array of bright beautiful solid colors.  
Louis Sherry chocolates make the perfect hostess gift or party favor.

Here is a close up of the Crown Linen Design anchor cocktail
napkins, and though this style is discontinued, 
you may find them somewhere.
They also came in white with blue anchors like the luncheon size.

"Sea la vie!"
Austin is miles away from the Gulf Coast,
so we'll have to settle for our beach vibe at the table.

Summer on a Tray
Last year I joined a group of bloggers who shared ideas for a summer themed tray.  You can find all the details about my post here.

It's a little of this and a little of that,
but definitely a touch of whimsy!

Oh, wait! 
I decided to add the whimsy inside on my dining room table.
This time I set the table for 3 because my niece
and great niece planned a visit last week.

I moved the flowers to the buffet to join 
this summer's rendition of Summer on a Tray.

I changed it up somewhat, but still 
used many of the same seaside pieces.
The ole sea captain and whimsical fish 
watering can joined at the opposite end.

With the fish container filled with flowers now on the buffet, I used this recent shell mirror rimmed with the fish knobs to hold my orchid.

I had seen this shell mirror and asked my niece to pick it up for me.  Considering our home is not done in beach decor, she wondered, "Where will you use such a piece?"  I quickly replied, 
"Oh, it's going to hold flowers when I do a seaside tablescape!"  
I like to "Seas the opportunity!"

Lunch was simple and healthy!
Chicken Salad in Avocado Boats

Rosemary Bread Sticks

Cauliflower ~ Cucumber ~ French Radish

Fresh Watermelon ~ Fresh Bing Cherries

Did you know that fresh cherries 
are full of minerals and other nutrients?  
They are my standard summer snack.

~Alfresco Imaginary Table for Two ~
~ Inside Reality Table for Three~
It's always fun to set a table, but double the
pleasure when this one joins the fun.
This girl likes to eat healthy!

After lunch we worked on a puzzle, and Emily taught me 
how to play King's Corner, a fun card game.

The next day Emily's mom asked what she wanted for lunch.
Emily said she wanted chicken salad on avocado.
The ultimate complement for this Auntie!

We have 19 tabletop stylists joining the hop today.
Hope on over and visit the links below.

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The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. Good Morning Sarah, I adore how you ‘seas-ed the day’ and repurposed your fish bag as a vase for your table! What a bounty of blooms you reeled in too, so gorgeous! I love seeing your collections and how you follow through with a theme for the seasons and holidays. Love how you incorporated the MKC fish knobs at your table too. Emily is adorable, along with your pillows, salty sea captain, and nauti-seagull! The anchor napkins float me boat. ;)Thank you for the whimsy and fun this morning. As always, it’s a treat to join you at the table. Happy Tuesday ♥

  2. Oh my goodness, Sarah! So many lovely details I hardly know where to begin!! I love your unusual use of items for containers!!! I'm that way too. Your fish are such a great whimsical collection that you've coordinated beautifully!! You even have a matching chair!! So neat. I love those Coral and Tusk pillows - they are precious!! Great details inside and out and it looks like you made fabulous memories with your niece too! So special. What a treat to party with you on this hop! So fun to swim into summer with you!! Happy Celebrating! ~ Jennifer

  3. Sarah you have outdone yourself with these two tables and surroundings. Adorable is what comes to mind. Love Emily and her sweet expressions. You have certainly told us a fish tale with all your fish pieces and I appreciate your re-purposing as I like to do that too. The fish knobs do look like they are swimming up stream. You have shown us so many interesting pieces with charming details. It is always a pleasure to hop with you. Your MKC never ceases to amaze me. Have a wonderful June.

  4. I always enjoy seeing your M-C collection - the fish mats are perfect as placemats and your plate stack is dreamy!! The latest Warehouse Sale had the fish tiles so cheap and a friend on mine bought a stack of them! What a buy! Wish I knew you were interested. I adore all of your fish knobs, too. Your luncheon looked delish and your sweet niece is precious. My favorite element is your fish chair - something I have always dreamed of having! Enjoy your SEAsonal pieces all summer!

  5. Oh Sarah, how much fun this all is! First of all, I love fish decor and you have so many wonderful MKC fish pieces! How totally brilliant to use the lunch sack as a vase for your centerpiece, and the fish knobs for decorations! Love love the cat mats as placemats too!
    Your whimsical plate stacks fit right in and the skipper with his boat load of salt water taffy is adorable! The Coral and Tusk pillows are adorable as is the seagull handing out chocolates. You definitely know how to Seas the Day!

  6. Good morning Sarah, such a delightful and whimsical table you set.all of your fish details are so fun. Love the fish bag holding your lovely flowers. So creative and cute. How sweet those fish knobs are swimming in your table. Emily is so cute. She looks like she really enjoyed her visit. The pillows are so striking and that sea captain is charming, always fun joining you at your table.

  7. Good Morning, Sarah. You definitely “Seas the day” with your whimsical and fun tabletop! The fish mats repurposed as placemats are too cute. Your MKC Taylor ceramics are perfect with the fish mats. It is so clever to use the lunch bag for flowers and the addition of MKC ceramic fish knobs add another element of whimsy. Coral and Tusk pillows are amazing with their detail. The chair all decorated is perfect with the CLD anchor cocktail napkins and the seagull. What a treat to see this whimsical table brought inside to the dining room. The food looks delicious and how precious to share with your darling niece!

    I sound like a broken record, but your attention to detail is fabulous! Happy Summer, Sarah!

  8. Wow Sarah! Like everyone else, I LOVE your fish bag vase! That was inspired! And I just love your playful style - you made me laugh several times with your Sea-isms! Thanks for sharing so many great ideas - it's lovely hopping with you!

  9. Oh Sarah! You have hit this one out of the park! I hardly know where to begin. You certainly have inspired me to "seas" the day! First, that centrepiece. Wow! I had to go back and do a double take when I read it was a lunch bag. I thought it was ceramic! And, the florals inside are beautiful. I also think that everyone needs to have fish knobs in their life! So cute. I could go on, and on, but to sum it up...a spectacular tablescape for summer :)

  10. I absolutely love this MacKenzie-Childs Freckled Fish-Themed tablescape! I can't wait to show it to our daughters. They will love it! You are a pro at repurposing...I love what you did with the kitty placemats (humans like fish, too) and the lunch bag. I think the lunch bag makes the very cutest centerpiece! I also love the school of fish swimming around your table. I agree...I also think that the fish collection blends nicely with the Taylor Collection. I wish they'd bring back a few of the pieces! Your puns are adorable in the place card holders, too. Brava, Sarah!!!

  11. Sarah, I adore how you have "Seas the day!" with your whimsical summer table! So many details that brought a smile to my face and I love the MacKenzie-Childs fish vase--pinned!

  12. Sarah. I love everything about this fun and whimsical tablescape. Who would think that the centerpiece is a lunch bag turned into a floral vase. I really looks like it is ceramic and it is the perfect container to hold your beautiful flowers. Such creativity. The little fish doorknobs make sweet accents. They all coordinate so well with your McK-Child's dinnerware. Your tablescape is so playful for both adults and children (your niece) alike. The chicken salad provoked my appetite. Cool and refreshing. I can see how easily these sweet items can slip into a shopping cart , but enjoyed for years among all sorts of tablescape designs. Have a great summer.

  13. Sarah, full of whimsy, but also full of class! What fun repurposing you've done with the neoprene bag and placemats, not to mention those fish knobs! All so great, and they all come to life with the Taylor ceramics and additional side elements. That pillow with pockets is absolutely adorable! The tiered tray arrangement is also very cleverly done. I like both tables, indoor and out, but since Texas is not yet in triple digits, I would definitely want to bask in surroundings of your garden. Oh, and that wicker tray - that's a super sweet piece! Thanks so much for always bringing your collections in such stylish ways to the table, especially in our hops. Happy summer, Sarah!

  14. I am not usually a big fan of fish but yours are adorable and truly whimsical. I especially liked the fish pulls...so clever and colorful. Your centerpiece is gorgeous. So nice to use something unexpected in a table setting. The flower colors are beautiful and blend so well with your china. There are so many touches to explore that I imagine your guests were entertained for the entire lunch. Have a lovely summer.

  15. Oh Sarah, I love this post! I am in love with all of your fabulous fun fish, from the lunch bag to the wee fish swimming the table. I do think you are the queen of repurposing, how clever using Neoprene Freckle Fish for your centerpiece, not to mention the kitty mats as placement. So much attention to detail, the napkin rings and anchor napkins, love those. I've always admired the MC fish chair so I smiled when I saw this one in your post. Great move to your dining room for your luncheon. What a cutie you had dining with you, I know she loves her sweet auntie. I'm going to scroll through again, this post was so much fun.

  16. So cute, Sarah!! Your adorable fish table has me smiling!! I love how you used the fish bag as a vase and had all the little knobs swimming underneath it, your tablecloth makes a good sea!!! The fish mats work perfectly as placemats and are adorned so well with your fabulous MKC plate stack. Just wonderful!! How fun to enjoy it with your niece!! I hope you have a wonderful summer☀️😎

  17. How clever to use the fish bag as a vessel for an arrangement! Your fish table is so fun, and good use of the kitty mats as placemats. I know your sweet guest warmed your heart Sarah. Have a wonderful summer!

  18. Sarah, how I would love to be a guest at both of these fun tables! It looks like you had such a wonderful time. The food looks scrumptious, and I love a good card game. Your niece is beautiful! You have so many pretty MC pieces. It is on my bucket list to visit the farm one day and attend the barn sale. I’m so happy the sale has been on line the past couple of years. The flower arrangement you created for your centerpiece is gorgeous, and the container is perfect! It has been such a treat to join you on this hop! Happy summer, sweet friend! Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors

  19. Sarah, this is absolutely delightful! You have such lovely MKC collections and this is no exception. The fish knobs are indeed whimsical and I love how they are swimming on the table. The Freckle Fish lunch bag is the perfectly inspired vessel for your flowers and the MKC Taylor plate stack is beautifully showcased. And as a kitty lover, the repurposed placemats definitely bring a smile. But oh my, that fish chair! The menu sounds delicious and its no surprise that your great niece loved it - she is so pretty. It sounds like everyone had a fabulous time. It was a pleasure hopping with you and I hope you have a glorious summer!

  20. Sarah, I so enjoyed your whimsical beach tables for the summer! The fish are adorably colorful and your sea captain made me smile. I loved seeing the small changes in details for the two tables and that you styled a tray to expand the interior tablescape to include the buffet. Rethinking how to use the cooler, placemats and mirrors was inspired. Your niece is obviously having a great time sharing the table and lunch! It's great fun to hop with you -- hoping you have a wonderful June!

  21. So sorry I'm late coming by Sarah. Your fun "fishy" theme is so adorable and perfect for summer. I would never have thought your planter was really a lunch bag! What a imaginative way to repurpose your pieces. Also love those MC kitty mats! I hope you're enjoying your start to summer and staying cool!


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