Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Z is for Zephyranthus

Z is for


Here in Austin, one can spot

colonies of these growing in open grassy fields or

grassy areas beside  sidewalks that run along city streets.

They spring from the ground after a rain.

~ Small ~ Sweet ~ Sturdy ~

Left to Mother Nature to tend them,

the bulbs which produce small, 

grass like leaves are no fuss.

~ No Watering ~ No Pruning ~

These bulbs, originally came from 

Mexico or Guatemala, but have spread

and naturalized through the south.

Cold hardy in zones 8-10, they

are related to Amaryllis.

The starry flowers can be pink to yellow to white.

The blooms last a day or two, but plants will rebloom numerous 

times spring through fall after rains that follow 

periods of drought or dry conditions.

~ Zephyranthus ~

Derived from the Greek god of the west wind,

Zephyus, meaning flower.

Rain Lily ~ Fairy Lily ~ Zephyr Lily ~

Rainflower ~ Magic Lily ~ Atamasco Lily

Actually not lilies at all, but in the Amaryllis family.

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