Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Twinkly Lights and Winter Whites

Though January is when we pack up our Christmas things

and give Santa a well deserved rest,

I like to continue to savor the twinkly lights

 and winter whites of the season.

The sparkle of the trees covered in lights

lend a magical touch to a winter night,

Just as a friend's winter wonderland vignette

does as it drifts across her mantel.

A group of girlfriends recently spent a cozy

evening dining by this sparking scene.

We gathered to celebrate a milestone birthday, 

chatting and laughing together in the glow 

of this magical winter wonderland.

Candles flickered and glitter sparkled.

Frosted trees covered in tiny lights

twinkled through the night.

Nearby we enjoyed Chinese food 

amid a forest of frosted trees.

Each one glistened in the candlelight

with its own majestic elegance.

Mark Roberts' jeweled baubles nestled

at the base in drifts of snow,

Spears encrusted with

sparkly jewels.

Place settings of silver and gold

included a Golden Ticket.

Each guest hopeful that

their's would hold the winning numbers!

Alas, only one winning ticket at the table.

The birthday girl won $10!

Our Chinese takeout was 

followed with  a fortune cookie   .   .   .

And birthday cake for our

sweet friend, Elta.

It was a beautiful winter evening

shared with cherished friends.