Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Chair Is So Much More

"Chair ~ a piece of furniture consisting of a seat, 

back, legs, and often arms, designed for one person."

Chairs, though originally intended for use for "state and dignity" 

have become one of the most common and 

ordinary objects within our homes.  

When Chloe @ One King's Lane recently contacted me to ask if 

I'd write a post about a statement chair in our home, 

I was happy to oblige.  

My husband and I both admire chairs 

for their function and their form.  

We've been known to bring back 

chairs as a "souvenir" from our travels.  

One such chair is a 

Thonet bentwood rocker purchased in Paris.  

Thonet furniture, with its curves 

and bentwood construction, speaks to us.

Our sun room, once a screened in porch, 

now functions as a year round living space since 

enclosed with walls of French doors and windows.   

The fluid movement in the lines of the bentwood rocker 

compliment the architectural details in the corbels 

of the original porch design that were retained 

and enclosed with transom windows.

The casualness of the Thonet, with its cane back

 and seat, fits the aesthetic of our sun room .   .   .

Yet it stands on its own as unique 

among the wicker and bamboo pieces.  

It serves as both an accent piece 

and a favorite spot to relax with a gentle sway 

while the design flows effortlessly with 

textures and accessories of the room.

A chair is so much more 

 than just a place to sit!

So tell me, do you have any statement chairs?   

If so, leave a comment and tell me about them.

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy Birthday, America!

July 4, 2014

All across the USA, 

Americans will celebrate with

parades ~ picnics ~ festivals ~ fireworks.

The Stars and Stripes 

will wave in the breeze.

While Boston and Philadelphia 

will be host to large crowds for the day's celebration, 

neighborhoods from coast to coast will also celebrate.  

Bicycles ~ Wagons ~ Scooters ~ Trucks ~ Cars

All festooned in 

red, white, and blue.

The patriotic spirit 

fills the air!

There will be picnics 

and neighborhood barbecues.

As America Celebrates 

Independence Day!


238th Birthday 

is upon us.