Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Eat, Drink, and Be Witchy

There's a picnic 
in the neighborhood!

While out on a walk with Sadie
I noticed this pretty fall vignette across
the street on my friend Barbara's front patio.

Cleo must have overheard me
talking about how festive it all was.
She packed the picnic basket,  
gathered her friends, and flew right over.

Greta was 
the first to arrive.

She swept off the bricks,
 and Mr. Barnaby, Cleo's Cat Friday,
unloaded the basket and set up the feast of treats.

Miss Tilly supervised to make certain
everything was prim and proper.

While Tiny Tilda 
just squealed with delight.

Mr. Pudge, never one to 
miss a sweet treat, flew in the minute
the goodies began to tumble out of the basket.

Even a few black crows 
flew in to partake.

Yes, this witchy group 
knows how to party.

Cleo even packed the best
of my Halloween dishes.

Special Quimper plates
created in 2010 in limited production.

You can read more about
these HB-Henriot plates and the inspiration for 
their designs in a previous post here.

Pumpkins, Ghosts, and .   .   .

Big Blue Bats!
~Special Cookies for All ~
Cookie recipe here.

Vintage noise makers 
to let the neighbors know  
there's a party going on.

~ Chocolate Candies ~

~ Honey Crisp Apples ~ Candy Corn ~

These girls plan to

Eat,  Drink, and Be Witchy!

~ A Word Of Advice From Tiny Tilda ~

"Life is short.
Eat the good treats first."

This gaggle of friendly witches 
are long time residents here at HFTS.
You can read more about their 
previous witchy soirees here, here, and here.

Lean in closely.  
Greta has a little secret to share.
The Tommy Hilfiger fringed wool throw
 was a recent thrift store find for $8.

Now that's something to cackle about!