Sunday, November 8, 2020

Savoring the Colors of Autumn

MacKenzie-Childs Wittika Peanuts 
offers a perfect compliment to autumn. 
This simple but charming pattern named for 
Wittika MacKenzie-Chaplet, granddaughter of Victoria and
Richard MacKenzie-Childs was introduced in 1999.

I've long admired American red ware pottery,
so this older MKC version enchants my 
MacKenzie-Childs sensibilities..

The Wittika series was offered in three color ways.
~ Peanuts ~ Pickles ~ Picts  ~

I think the Peanuts is a perfect partner for my 
Nicole Miller beaded sunflower placemats
atop folded plaid napkins to introduce a touch of gray.

Then I could easily bring in these 
simple striped Crown Linen Design napkins.

The final touch to the plate stack, 
classically elegant pumpkins!

A natural gourd with beribboned stem among
fall leaves served as an easy, no fuss centerpiece.

The colorful leaves may be faux, but with natural leaves,
burr oak acorns, and seedpods added to the mix, 
it all yields an organic feel.

I'm savoring these last days of autumn and
not yet ready to Fa La La just yet.
What about you?  
Have you begun your winter holiday decorating?