Monday, October 31, 2016

Dia de Muertos ~ Day of the Dead

~ Dia de los Muertos ~

Gatos ~ Day of the Dead, Claudia True
used with permission
A day Of Loving Remembrance 
Of Those Close In Our Hearts

Dia de los Muertos is an important holiday celebrated
in Mexico and by many who live here in Texas,
In honor of this day, I created a treat table in remembrance.

Home to a large hispanic population,
Day of the Dead altars and celebrations are popular here in Austin.

It is a celebration filled with happiness, the sharing of memories,
laughter, and honoring loved ones who are no longer with us.

Dia de Muertos Altar, Fonda San Miguel
This is the Day of the Dead altar at Fonda San Miguel  in Austin.
Known for its authentic and delicious cuisine of interior Mexico,
Fonda San Miguel also offers diners a unique ambiance.

Celebrated on November 1st and 2nd,
Dia de los Muertos is a time to honor
family and friends, our loved ones who are now deceased.

Families in Mexico go to the cemeteries to tend 
to the graves of loved ones and decorate 
them with Mexican marigolds and altars,
often continuing with joyful celebrations 
in memory of the deceased.

These special altars are also seen in individual homes,
as well as public spaces, schools, and government offices.
It is an important Mexican holiday.

Traditionally, special foods and small gifts are left at
these altars to welcome the spirits of the deceased.

Pan de Muerto, sugar skulls, and fresh fruit
 are traditional items that are left out at the altars.

Photos of the deceased are lovingly placed
among colorful decorations, marigolds,
the special foods, and candles.

Even deceased pets are
often honored at these special altars.

A meal at Fonda San Miguel is akin to dining 
in a fine home or stellar art museum.
The interior walls are hand painted and stenciled,
meals are served on hand crafted Mexican pottery,
and incredible original Mexican art hangs on the walls
throughout the rooms of the restaurant.
If you are ever in Austin, I would recommend you 
experience this fine restaurant.
You can explore more about Fonda San Miguel here.

Taking these sweet treats to my friends at Mah Jongg today.
If you are in the Austin area, I highly recommend Smouse Sweets.
You can find her on Facebook and Instagram.
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Dia de Muertos

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Claudia True

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