Monday, July 20, 2015

Pass Along Plants

Pass Alongs Shared By My Readers

Last week I shared a post

on a few of my iris plants that bloom

here in the gardens at Hyacinths for the Soul.

I mentioned that most of my iris

are "pass along" plants like these

beautiful Japanese rooftop iris transplanted

from a friend's garden last fall.

I was thrilled when several of my readers responded that

that they too enjoy "pass along" iris

in their own gardens.

was the lucky recipient of these stunning iris. 

They were passed along from her mother's garden,

but the original pass along had come 

from Gina's great grandmother's garden.

Wow, four generations have enjoyed these iris!

wrote to say she inherited these yellow iris 

when she and the senior partner moved into 

the 16th/18th century former Presbytery

that is their beautiful home in the Normandy countryside.

Maggie says she sees their relatives happily blooming

about the village in the gardens of her neighbors.

shared this vibrant yellow iris passed along

from her mother's garden. 

These deep purple beauties grow in the gardens of

She said they were pass alongs that she now

needs to divide and pass along to a new garden.

Some lucky gardener is going to be thrilled!

Patti @ Pandora's Box

shared her lavender iris that were

passed along from her friend, Rhonda.

Thank you to all my readers who

shared these gorgeous heirloom pass along plants.

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