Wednesday, November 4, 2020

~ Grackles ~ Ravens ~ Crows ~ An Autumn Table

November has arrived, and I for one am 
savoring the colors and textures of autumn.
Blackbirds have always fascinated me, and this
fall tabletop post is a nod to those intriging creatures.

There are so many grackles in Austin, that some
consider them the unofficial mascot of the city.

Known for their iridescent feathers and long tail, these noisy birds
often roost in large numbers in trees, creating a cacophony of squawks.
Not what one wants outside their bedroom window!

Perched on outdoor fountains or walking about tables, if one
is dining outdoors here in Austin, grackles are likely there with you.
These aggressive birds are so brazen they may hop right
up onto the table and help themselves to something off your plate.

With fall and the hordes of pumpkins that arrive at local stores 
and garden centers, you are sure to see grackles perched about,
their piercing golden eyes daring you to help yourself to a pumpkin.

They walk about squawking, 
"Caw, Caw!  Caw, Caw!"

Crows are twice as large as grackles, but not often seen in the city.
Their feathers are a true black, as are their beaks and feet.
As one might expect, the resident crow here at Hyacinths for the Soul
proudly wears Courtly Check breast feathers 
and a crown upon his head.

Beautiful crisp air and sunny skies called to me and 
inspired a November table on the terrace.
Fortunately no grackles joined us.

One of our local flower farms sells these beautiful plum sunflowers.
I'm drawn to the gorgeous depth of color and 
how they reflect the feel of autumn .

These Creative Co Op plates were spied while on a 
hill country day trip with girlfriends summer 2019.
They are the perfect fall touch for lunch on the terrace.

I paired them with MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check chargers atop ruffled burlap placemats, all to set them apart from the wonderful block-print details of the MacKenzie-Childs Vendage table linen.
Gray and yellow plaid napkins, rattan napkin rings with yellow beads,
 our Christofle Talisman silver flatware ~ each offer texture and continue the compliment to the rich colors of Ventage.

Real grackle feathers gathered from our garden
with a few fallen leaves add organic touches of nature.

One of our favorite refreshing drinks is 
Fentimans Mandarian and Seville Orange Jigger.
Have you tried it?

Fly on over and join me on the terrace.
The sun is shining, but there is a nip in the air.

We are enjoying perfect autumn days in Austin.

If you are so inclined, an older post here shares some crow 
inspired vignettes and an interesting Native American Legend about crows that I shared each year when I was teaching.