Friday, June 1, 2012

Sarah's Garden

Red Knock Out Roses and Blue Plumbago

Welcome To My Garden

It's time for 

Favorites on the 1st

Alison @ The Polohouse 

has invited us to share our gardens.

Golden Thryallis with Red and Yellow Firecracker Ferns

Gardens here need plants that can tolerate 

our hot, dry summers and minimal water.

White Petunias Mixed With Colorful Annuals

Much of our garden is planted in perennials that are

suited for such conditions, but I also 

like to mix in a few annuals each season.

Orange Daylily

Our heirloom orange daylilies will 

greet you as you come up the front walk.

Blackfoot Daisy

This sweet little daisy like flower 

is one of my favorites because it can 

take our hot summers and needs little water.

Purple Coneflower

Coneflowers, a drought tolerant charmer, add 

both texture and fabulous color to the garden.

Purple Aster

These hardy purple asters put on a 

showy spread each fall, but you can see 

they have offered up a few blooms 

for my late spring garden.

Bluebonnets ~ Texas State Flower

This is a look back at the beautiful 

bluebonnets we had blooming in the early spring.

Shell Ginger, Aralia, Dwarf Yaupon

Our back garden is mostly filtered 

light and shade with much of the beds 

planted with various evergreen shrubs 

that offer a variety of leaf textures in shades of green.

Shell Ginger Bloom

The shell ginger is native to Indonesia 

and normally freezes back in the winter. 

In the rare years that it doesn't freeze back, 

we are treated to these gorgeous blooms in the spring.

We are in luck, because this spring

the ginger is full of amazing white flowers 

that open to show a gorgeous red and yellow mouth.

Sago Palm

The sago palm puts out new growth each spring.

Oakleaf Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are one of my favorites, 

but most varieties are difficult to grow here.  

The oakleaf hydrangea is the exception.  

The blooms are clusters of 

white flowers which fade 

to a soft pinkish-brown.

Agapanthus and Geraniums

Colorful geraniums are scattered 

among the agapanthus that produce 

these tall stems with clusters of blue flowers.

Previously I had all white geraniums 

in this spot, but this year I planted a mix of colors.

This variety is deep pink with lighter pink edges.

Foxtail Ferns, Geraniums, Impatients

Impatients grouped within a bed 

of foxtail ferns add a pop of color here.

Our back garden space includes 

two water features that mirror each 

other and these wonderful stone urns 

that are planted with various 

evergreens accented with colorful annuals.

As seasons change or plants need replacing

the contents of the urns change. 

Deep lavender petunias 

recently replaced winter white cyclamen.

The deep color of these wide 

trumpet shaped flowers makes 

this common plant appear very regal.

Often the mix within these urns 

simply evolves as something new is needed.

A new addition this spring is a trio 

of ceramic planters filled with succulents.

This beautiful large jade plant was a 

Christmas present from my husband.

As were the unusual coral cacti.  

The succulents have added a 

new visual interest to the upper terrace.

Just above blue daze spills out of a wall 

planter while this terracotta 

hen is home to more succulents. 

Thank you for joining me in my garden today.  

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