Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Brigitte Comes To Life

When I first saw Linda Ragno's Garden Ladies by Cooper Oaks Design, I was totally charmed. I just had to stitch this lovely flower lady with her basket of lavender. French Country style simply makes me happy. (Click here to read more about this artist and to view a catalog of her designs. Her work is available here at the Needleworks.)

Wall of Needlepoint Canvases @ Needleworks
Stitching is a favorite pass time and yet another passion in my life. I'm one of those travelers who pulls out the yellow pages when I arrive somewhere and check out the needlepoint shops in town. Anyone else out there do this?

I named her Brigitte, and here she is after I stitched the canvas. Every stitch brought sunshine to my days as my sweet Brigitte came to life!

With Brigitte stitched, I shopped my fabric stash and pulled out some of my favorite Souleiado fabrics from Pierre Deux. With only a small remnant of the blue, a patchwork idea quickly began to evolve.

I worked up a plan,

gathered everything together,
and took it all to my friend who is a master finisher.

Voilà, Brigitte completely finished!

With this sweet face and French fabrics,

I decided she must share the upstairs guest room . . .

with another young French lady
who loves to pick flowers from the garden.

Sophie is a handmade limited edition doll from the Fritzi-Contini Collection. She has always been content to while away the days in her antique Thonet rocker, but I thought she might like to join Brigitte on the wicker settee and visit about gardening.

These two were getting along splendidly,

when all of a sudden 
mademoiselles Gabrielle le chat

and Zoé le lapin called 
out from across the room.

They begged and pleaded and insisted that Brigitte join them in their comfy spot atop the quilt on the bed. The work of Ilonka, a California artist, these two captured my heart back in the 1980s. They always seem to get their way with me, so Brigitte happily snuggled in between these two charmers.

But look who is patiently waiting in my needlepoint basket. She hopes to be stitched up this winter and join the other girls in the French guest room. Until then she seems happy to have two little Russian girls to keep her company. I just hope she doesn't let that rooster crow when the sun comes up.

I originally posted about Brigitte here, but reworked this post to share for Kim's Before and After Party this week. Click here to join Kim and see her latest paint transformation. You'll also find a list of others who have a Before and After to share.
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