Friday, October 15, 2010

The Witches Are In!

Hello, my little lovelies. 

 Glad you stopped by.

The witches are in and accepting guests!

Hop in the basket with Cyrus,

We'll introduce you to some of our favorite friends.

There's always a jar full 

of candy corn this time of year.

Grab a handful and 

let's continue on our way.

No "snickering"!

Or "popping" in and 

out of the basket for more treats.

Matilda and Topsy 

will greet you at the door.

Miss Tilly is watching, 

so mind your manners!

Say hello to Cleo, who is known for her good deeds. She is a sweet, friendly soul who is everyone's friend. You can join her for afternoon tea here.

This trio loves to 

hang around together.

Meet Winnie and 

 her constant companions, Hootie . . .

And Ruffles.

Miss Agnes often sits around 

reading witch stories this time of year.

Pick your favorite and . . .

Gather round for a 

little story time with Greta.

Now aren't you happy you 

dropped by today?

Come back another time to meet all the black cats that roam around these pages.

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