Tuesday, January 21, 2020

World Day of the Snowman

We rarely have snow here in Austin, but I read that January 18th is 
World Day of the Snowman.
It is also my birthdate, so what better way to celebrate than 
with a snowy day tablescape pulled from my archives.

Pull up a chair and celebrate
The World Day of the Snowman.

I've set a table for us on the sun porch
where we'll be warm and comfortable.

These cheerful fellows are so 
happy you have joined us today.

They've actually been patiently waiting
for their turn to be featured on a tablescape.

Salad plates, designed by Williraye Studio, 
are called "Snowy Smiles". 

To pull out the red and yellow colors 
of "Snowy Smilies" I used a yellow dinner plate 
for one setting and a red one for the other. 
 The Courtly Check chargers mimic 
the border of the salad plates.

The snowpeople thought these colorful glasses
with etched "snowballs" were a good choice.

Along with the "Treble Clef" 
flatware with its curled shape.

White winter berries ring 
the napkins which are edged in lace.

The delicate lace designs remind me of
the little snowflakes of the "Snowy Smiles" plates.

I layered various textiles 
to give the table a cozy feel.

These are actually vintage tea towels 
which are large enough to use as 
 tablecloths on my small drop leaf table.

Both have fringed ends, and the largest of the two
has rows of red check details at either end.

The other has wonderful textural details 
and end borders of this red design.

The napkins are actually 
beautiful little hand towels.

I wanted you to feel warm and cozy, so 
I pulled in a couple of my French provencal 
pillows to use as chair cushions.

Layers of rich colors
highlighted with my favorite
black and white checks
warm my heart.

Even the snowpeople 
are happy to be inside today.

So pull up a chair and join me
for a light lunch and a little conversation.

We can talk about 
your plans for the new year.

Perhaps you have a few garden tips to share, 
a fun new project in the works, 
or travel plans to some fabulous destination.

I'm eager to hear all your news!

Sadie, on the other hand would like to play.

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