Thursday, September 9, 2010

Barnyard Bash ~ English Style

Detail of Hand-hooked Pillow

Welcome to the English countryside for the 

First Barnyard Bash 

hosted by Happier Than a Pig in Mud.

~ Barnyard Bash English Style ~

Detail of Dinner Plate by Royal Stafford

It's nearing the end of the 

day in the English countryside.

The farm animals have 

gathered around the table to celebrate.

Big beautiful sunflowers

Held in a Black Toile canister, 

set the stage for a shared meal.

The toile tells 

the story of the farm

Where roosters and hens 

scratch about while song birds flitter above.

Sweet furry bunnies nibble on the fresh green grass, 

and baby chicks look for tasty bugs.

White Porcelain Egg Holder by Kaldun and Bogle

The rooster crows to spread the word that there 

are fresh eggs a plenty from his brood of hens.

Petite Cow Pitchers Made in China

Gentle British White Cattle 

roam the table.

These beautiful creatures 

are known for their gentleness

Which begins before birth.

Royal Stafford Dinner Plate

The table is set with plates of Royal Stafford featuring 

a beautiful transfer-ware scene of the English 

countryside produced in shades of black.

The borders are laced with bands of rope 

and clusters of fruit and blooming flowers.

And layered above white 

Vintage Garden chargers by Ambiance 

which are placed on woven black ruffled placemats.

Vintage flatware with sterling ferrules 

is marked Universal L.F. and C.

Crisp white napkins layered with napkins 

in a black and white paisley are held together 

with pewter napkin rings.

The the color of the bold sunflowers 

is echoed in the embroidery of the initialed napkins.

Individual Butter Tubs by Sadek

Various little farm animals in the form 

of individual butter tubs are gathered for the occasion. 

First to the table is this little piggy.

Small Square Plate in Dotty Black by 222 Fifth

The baby calf seems 

to be tired after a long day.

Butter Spreaders Made in Italy

One of the 

many resident poultry.

And even a small bunny 

has joined in the fun.

So pull up a chair 

and join these little critters . . .

As they gather 

round the table . . .

For the First Barnyard Bash!

Blue Ribbon Vignette by Debi Raitz

Thanks for joining me for my first Barnyard Bash, and a huge thank you to Happier Than a Pig in Mud, our hostess for the First Annual Barnyard Bash. I hope you will also join me at Quimper Club International for a Barnyard Bash ~ French Style. There you find everything is French faience much like the pieces in the farm scene above. This award winning scene, using French faience figural open salts, was created by my friend Debi Raitz. Debi won a BLUE RIBBON on this vignette. Click here to see Barnyard Bash ~ French Style.

Hope to see you there!

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