Thursday, September 9, 2010

Barnyard Bash ~ English Style

Detail of Hand-hooked Pillow
Welcome to the English countryside for the 
First Barnyard Bash 
hosted by Happier Than a Pig in Mud.
~ Barnyard Bash English Style ~

Detail of Dinner Plate by Royal Stafford
It's nearing the end of the 
day in the English countryside.

The farm animals have 
gathered around the table to celebrate.

Big beautiful sunflowers

Held in a Black Toile canister, 
set the stage for a shared meal.

The toile tells 
the story of the farm

Where roosters and hens 
scratch about while song birds flitter above.

Sweet furry bunnies nibble on the fresh green grass, 
and baby chicks look for tasty bugs.

White Porcelain Egg Holder by Kaldun and Bogle
The rooster crows to spread the word that there 
are fresh eggs a plenty from his brood of hens.

Petite Cow Pitchers Made in China
Gentle British White Cattle 
roam the table.

These beautiful creatures 
are known for their gentleness

Which begins before birth.

Royal Stafford Dinner Plate
The table is set with plates of Royal Stafford featuring 
a beautiful transfer-ware scene of the English 
countryside produced in shades of black.

The borders are laced with bands of rope 
and clusters of fruit and blooming flowers.

And layered above white 
Vintage Garden chargers by Ambiance 
which are placed on woven black ruffled placemats.

Vintage flatware with sterling ferrules 
is marked Universal L.F. and C.

Crisp white napkins layered with napkins 
in a black and white paisley are held together 
with pewter napkin rings.

The the color of the bold sunflowers 
is echoed in the embroidery of the initialed napkins.

Individual Butter Tubs by Sadek
Various little farm animals in the form 
of individual butter tubs are gathered for the occasion. 
First to the table is this little piggy.

Small Square Plate in Dotty Black by 222 Fifth
The baby calf seems 
to be tired after a long day.

Butter Spreaders Made in Italy
One of the 
many resident poultry.

And even a small bunny 
has joined in the fun.

So pull up a chair 
and join these little critters . . .

As they gather 
round the table . . .

For the First Barnyard Bash!

Blue Ribbon Vignette by Debi Raitz
Thanks for joining me for my first Barnyard Bash, and a huge thank you to Happier Than a Pig in Mud, our hostess for the First Annual Barnyard Bash. I hope you will also join me at Quimper Club International for a Barnyard Bash ~ French Style. There you find everything is French faience much like the pieces in the farm scene above. This award winning scene, using French faience figural open salts, was created by my friend Debi Raitz. Debi won a BLUE RIBBON on this vignette. Click here to see Barnyard Bash ~ French Style.

Hope to see you there!

This post is also linked to the following weekly memes. Thank you to each of these gracious hostesses.


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  1. Sarah, just stunning! So much detail in the beautiful plates, and I was about to say the rooster egg holder was my favorite then I saw those cute individual butter dishes! Thank you so much for joining the Bash:@)
    Hope the hurricane does not cause too much damage!

  2. Hi Sarah
    You have the most beautiful china and accessories! I wonder where you keep it all.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  3. Beautiful, fun, and an education.

  4. This is just gorgeous! I love the black and white and the details! Wow!

  5. Oh, I LOVE how you pulled the farm animals out of the toile and china. What a classy idea! All the black and white animal accessories are wonderful too. I love the cow creamer with little flowers and those little butter tubs.

    I had been waiting since you commented that you were still working on your table. I can say honestly that it was worth the wait.

    Black, white, toile, and perfect. VERY much my taste, but I don't have your great stuff.

  6. Oh my, this is gorgeous. I love all your barnyard friends. All of your china and accessories are just stunning. LOVE those little butter tubs. Fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  7. Hi Farmerette Sarah! OH, you win the prize for the most elegant barnyard. Your table is so pretty. Your dishes are wonderful and those little butter tubs are just the cutest things I've ever seen.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  8. Your tablescape is fabulous. I LOVE those plates!!

  9. I love this post, Sarah! The transferware is just gorgeous but I just adore those individual butter tubs. They are just too cute!...Christine

  10. This is just lovely! The pop of the yellow sunflowers is so perfect with the black and white.

  11. OMGosh..the dishes are gorgeous but, I must say too....that the sunflowers look absolutely dive in the container.... wow..such a beautiful set up..Mica

  12. What a beautiful and uplifting post, Sarah! Your post is always such a positive place to visit. On days like today I appreciate the beauty and the outlook so much!

  13. Sarah, everything about your table is amazing. I love the transferware and those butter dishes are the cutest. Such a great setting.

  14. This is a beautiful tablescape, and perfect for the barnyard bash! I love those cute butter tubs!

    This casual setting is very elegant!

    Great job!


    P.S. - please check out my tablescape too!

  15. That was lovely, Sarah. I had those dishes out as well as others, but decided to go in a different direction!
    I love all your pretty pieces and how you weaved the story for us!

  16. So many pretty things that i can't choose just one. love the pillow..a lot of work went into it.

  17. Just everything.....but I WANT the butter pats,dish,knives, the whole thing over there to the left of the plate.....Awesome......cleo

  18. Love those butter pats girl...Just lovely...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  19. I want those butter pats Sarah! They are amazing. And I love the china. I have some that's similar and it just seems so perfect for Autumn. Your table is gorgeous!

  20. This is absolutely beautiful!!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  21. Toooo cute!
    That is the classiest barnyard bash I have seen in a long time.
    ~a friday's favorite for sure :-)

  22. Hi Sarah,
    Love your English theme for today's Barnyard Bash, the butter holders are delightful.
    Thanks also for sharing Debi's vignette, there's faience popping up all over the place today!

  23. O, sweet Sarah...only YOU could make a BarnYard Bash so classy.:)
    Your table is just stunning. I am pretty sure that I MUST have an egg holder such as this. I am totally in LUV...loving the little butters, too.
    Enjoyed every bit of this lovely post.

  24. What an elegant bash you put on! I love everything but how I would love to have those individual butter dishes! Excellent post.

  25. Hi Sarah...You, my TexasGal friend, do know how to show the rest of blogland how we do it up in Style here in Texas....even if it is from England. Gorgeous table setting and accessories. I'm hopin' some of your visitors will come on over to CollectInTexas Gal where the Gossipin' GoatGals and Heifers are putting together a Tablescape with Goat Milk and CowChip Cookies. Tell them they might want to leave their dress shoes here with you and put on their boots....see ya there...Sue

  26. I absolutely love everything on that table. What fun and unique items. Pretty pretty pretty!

  27. I love everything, but the idea of putting flowers/greenery in the cow creamer is too cute!

  28. I love the idea of sticking flowers inside the cow creamer! What fun it would be to sit at this table...

  29. This is such a delightful, yet elegant, barnyard bash table, Sarah. I like the sweet vignettes of the dish pattern and the egg holder and butter pat holders are so cute!

  30. Love everything about your post!! Every single detail is sooo gorgeous. fav is the huge container for sunflowers!

  31. Love everything about your post!! Every single detail is sooo gorgeous. fav is the huge container for sunflowers!

  32. What a delightful table. It has such a wonderful feel of whimsy yet it is so very elegant. I can't help buy smile. Every detail is wonderful and you have combined such perfect elements. I love the butter pats, the toile, the transfer-ware, the sunflowers and oh, that fabulous rooster shelf!

  33. Oh Sarah, I LOVE this table! Those b/w toile plates are gorgeous, and those butter tubs are so pretty with just the right touch of whimsy. That toile vase is gorgeous too, and the sunflowers look so pretty in it. Oh, I can't forget that pretty flatware. Everything on this table is perfection! After all of that delight, I scroll down and find that incredible little French faience farm scene. What a treat! laurie

  34. Hi Sarah....those toile plates are simply gorgeous...and I love the silverware as well...Have a great weekend! Sue.

  35. I am loving this barnyard bash English style. Absolutely gorgeous. The silverware is stunning and so are the dishes and napkins. It is a lovely Party.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  36. Oh Sarah, I love this! I just added two place settings of this pattern to my "stash"...I couldn't resist the price & I love the black & white (dish addict that I have become!) I LOVE your toile centerpiece with the sunflowers & those adorable barnyard butter tubs! Your little cow pitchers are perfect too.

    So glad Hermine didn't "cow" your farm animals and the barnyard is able to celebrate the fact that it stopped raining :-)

  37. What a beautiful table setting! I love the sunflowers, too!

  38. Sarah,

    This is beautiful. By far the most elegant in the Barnyard Bash. I am drooling over the vintage flatware. Simply elegant. And I can't help my admire the black footed dishes. I have my out for just those, but have yet to find them. The bits of fresh herbs in the little cow pitcher are just the perfect finishing touch. Thank you for sharing your creation.

    - The Tablescaper

  39. Sarah, Your table is stunning! I love the back and white color theme so very much. It really elevates the animals to a more sophicated level. Each detail is wonderful!!!!! I have that same transferware... isn't it gorgeous?
    Your monogrammed napkins with the little sunflowers really add a touch of elegence and an imtimate delight to your table.
    I would LOVE to sit and have a meal at this table.
    One of the most detailed and well put together tables I've seen in a long time!
    xo Yvonne

  40. I was awestruck by the rug, and then it got stronger and stronger as I scrolled! All so pretty!

  41. Absolutely gorgeous! This makes me want to go country- french style! I have the same little cow pitcher. Thanks for stopping by today and leaving such nice comment. Great to catch up.

  42. Those butter tubs are so cute, especially the one with the pig.

    BTW, you are probably thinking of the Chi Omega Greek Theater. It's where all pep rallies are held.

    Are you a Chi O? I have two Chi O sisters-in-law (LBeau's sisters). I am a Kappa. Susie and my sister are Pi Phis. Susie has three Kappa daughters-in-law, and my sister's daughter is a Pi Phi. We are a very Panhellenic family.

  43. Wow Sarah,

    This is truly one of the prettiest tables I've seen. I love all animals and how you've used them
    in your tablescape. The chicken with the egg cups is to die for. I just want it all! Elegant and fun at the same time!

    Miss Bloomers

  44. Love your table. That egg holder is gorgeous and the first I've seen. Love it. The monogram napkins look so crisp and beautiful. Thanks so much for your recent visit and hope you come back soon.

  45. Sarah,
    This is gorgeous! I love these dishes and I love what you did with them! The transferware with the sunflowers in them is wonderful. Such a great job with the photography too.

  46. The sunflowers are just PERFECT with the black and white transferware and toile! Gorgeous!

  47. Sarah, Your transferware plates are fabulous!!! Wow!!! How creative you were, too, in putting the whole scene together with the bunnies, chickens, cattle, etc. Very nice!
    Blessings, Beth

  48. What a classy bash! Beautiful transferware, and all your other details. What a beautiful table! Popping over from BNOTP!

  49. This is wonderful. I love your egg holder, it is so cute. The black toille is gorgeous too. This is the cutest barnyard I have seen.

  50. Sarah, this seems like a barnyard that could only be found at a very elegant English country estate! The vintage silverware is one of my favorite things, but really I love it all. Especially the toile container and the little butter dishes! i have never seen those. I have the Royal Stafford dishes, and finally know what I can do with them! Thank you the beautiful table! Linda

  51. Sarah, such a charming farmyard table. I love the black transferward. The little butter tubs really stand out to me. What fun! Joni

  52. oh i love this! you know animals are my Achilles heel, mix in dishes and i am swooning! love your napkins, so crisp and clean, b&w always makes such a statement. those little butter tubs are so cute! that was adorable, thanks for all the smiles!

  53. Oh how pretty! Love your mixture of the black and white -- the toile and the sunflowers. Such pretty plates -- I was on a sunflower kick this week as well. Aren't they so pretty at the end of summer and beginning of fall?

  54. I recently purchased this set of transferware from TJM. You've done up a WONDERFUL table featuring these gorgeous dishes. I especially love your rooster egg holder :)


  55. This is a delightful post. I find your table just wonderful in it's simple perfection. Oh! That flatware!

  56. Sarah,
    Absolutely stunning. I love the black and white. Whimsey and elegance.


  57. I absolutely adore your butter keepers. wow. The story you wove was so wonderfully entertaining. charming is the word that comes to mind!

  58. Fabulous!
    That cow pitcher brought back memories for me -- my Mother had one.

    The black and white is just perfection.
    Fun link party...

  59. Beautiful setting! I love the black and white. I used some vintage Landers/Frary and Clark knives this week also.

  60. What a fun setting you have made. I love the black and white and you have done it up nicely. All the animals look very happy and well cared for.

    Thanks for posting your beautiful table.

  61. Black and white transferware is my favorite, and the way you have accented it adds great touches of whimsy.

  62. THis is a darling tablescape. The individual butter holders are wonderful! You've done a beautiful job with your table. Thank you for sharing your darling design. Cherry Kay

  63. Absolutely lovely! Love the sunflowers.

    Have a great weekend,


  64. The black and white with the yellow flowers is so pretty. I enjoyed you darling farm animals. The centerpiece is perfect with the china.

  65. I really, really like your take on the barnyard animal party, Sarah. The table is beautifully accented with pieces that I would use on my own table. It is so much more "elegant" a theme. Your china pattern is to die for and and the butter tubs are so sweet. Black and white is truly classic, isn't it?
    Sorry for my tardiness in visiting, things are finally beginning to settle down w/work and home, here.
    ~ Sue


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