Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blue Rooster Monday

Welcome to Blue Mondays hosted by Smiling Sally. I hope you'll help yourself to a refreshing blueberry treat.

It's not only Blue Monday,
but here at Hyacinths For The Soul,
It is the Week of Roosters!

Large HB-HenRiot Quimper Folk Art Rooster;
Small HB-HenRiot Quimper Rooster; Montgolfier Rooster

So come along and join the fun of Blue Rooster Monday. The parade is about to begin.

Small HenRiot Quimper Pitcher, Large HB Quimper Charger,
HR Quimper Porringer, HenRiot Plate

My blue roosters have been crowing incessantly! Once they heard that Barb over at Bella Vista was hosting a Rooster Party on Friday, they just couldn't wait. They wanted to have their own special day. Well, it is BLUE MONDAY!

These little blue guys are very useful around the house. Just pull the green ball, and you have a tape measure.

Once you've finished measuring, push the blue eye, and the tape rolls back into the box.

How about that!

Most of the time these little guys live in my sewing basket,
but on Mondays . . . . .

they like to wander about on the shiny table top to admire their reflections in the morning light. You know how vain roosters can be; especially BLUE ones!

Unmarked Quimper Heart Shaped Snuff, Blue Iron Rooster, HenRiot Quimper Plate

These blue feathered friends each have their own special roosting spot, but often like to gather on the table as a centerpiece.

This proud and regal French blue rooster is King of his very own castle. Imagine that!

French Faience Tea Caddy Produced in Desvres

Parade of French Faience Snuffs: Quimper, Malicorne, Quimper, Desvres

These cocky French fellows parade across a tray on a shelf in my office bookshelves, but flew downstairs this morning to join in the fun. You have to just love the blue polka-dot cockerel.


What have we here?

It's Mr. Krinkles!

I suppose he heard all the crowing going on and pecked his way out of the box of Christmas ornaments. Yes indeed, he wants you to know that come December, he and all his fine feathered rooster ornament pals will come out to preen and puff their feathers.

You see, here at Hyacinths, the roosters have their very own tree.

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Come back Wednesday for more rooster fun celebrating Outdoor Wednesdays hosted by Southern Daydreamer.

And mark your calendar for Friday the 28th.

You won't want to miss the
Show Us Your Roosters Party!