Sunday, July 1, 2012

Santa Fe ~ A Favorite Destination

Santa Fe, New Mexico

is a favorite get away destination for me.

Only 1 hour and 20 minutes from Dallas on American Eagle.

New Mexico ~ Land of Enchantment

I've been enchanted with Santa Fe 

since I was a child when my family 

would stop here on summer vacations on our way to Colorado.

Santa Fe is a unique experience 

with first class art galleries, delicious cuisine, 

cultural activities, outdoor adventures, and amazing shopping.

Adobe structures with charming 

courtyards have a style all their own  

with textures and colors that can make my heart sing.

A beautiful town plaza, 

unique and sometimes quirky shops, 

and authentic New Mexican 

cuisine lure me back time and again.

Santa Fe is a perfect destination for a variety of 

activities or simply rest and relaxation.

Blue skies, incredible vistas, 

and evening sunsets not to be missed.

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