Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hopping Down the Tartan Trail

Used with permission ~ The Ribboned Crown

Donna @ The Ribboned Crown

 has the most charming Tartan Hare,

so last year I asked if perhaps

he had some tartan eggs to spare.

Used with permission ~ The Ribboned Crown

A-Tisket, A-Tasket

Yes, please ~

Tartan eggs in my basket!

A fruitful year of

hopping down the Tartan Trail,

and now I, too, have a basket of beautiful tartan eggs.

Victorian ladies skilled with needle and thread

spent many an hour engaged in the art of needlework,

so it's no surprise that many items were marketed

with the art of needlework in mind.

Both a collector and a stitcher since childhood,

one can only imagine my delight with a few tartan eggs,

little sewing treasures from the Victorian era.

They open to hold a spool of thread,

a thimble, and a needle.

One of the eggs also has a little surprise ~

a coin tucked up in the point of the egg.

It's definitely nestled in as if

it were original to the egg.

I polished the coin to see if I could make out

the inscription, but it remains a mystery.

I hope a reader will have some information to share.

Is this a real coin or perhaps a commemorative piece?

One of the eggs is 

in the Mc Donald tartan.

The other two eggs look very similar.

One is marked Mc Lean, but the other has no mark.

The gold zigzag lines that segment

each egg, are hand painted.


A-Tisket, A-Tasket

Yes, I'm very pleased with Tartan eggs in my basket!

Wishing all a spring fresh 

with good health and happiness!

National Tartan Day ~ April 6, 2015

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