Friday, February 13, 2015

Be Mine, Valentine!

 ~ CAMEO ~

Collecting Antiques and Memorabilia

and Educating Ourselves

My CAMEO Antiques Club met

Thursday morning for our February meeting.

My friend, Carol, hosted us in her

lovely country home.

Carol served a delicious light brunch

from her kitchen island.


non-alcoholic drinks 

Were served in delicate vintage champagne coupés

and other fancy glassware.

Chocolates and sweetheart shortbread cookies

filled a ruffly pink beribboned bowl.

"Antique Valentines"

were the topic of the day.

 Carol's friend, Corey,

graciously shared her extensive,

 beautiful collection of sentimental mementos

that she inherited from her Grandmother Ruth.

Grandmother Ruth's collection began when she was

a young child in the early 1900s, and her Uncle Ed

would send her special valentines.

Some of Ruth's collection dates to the 1800s

and are quite large and heavy.

Satin ribbon and three

dimensional details were a

significant theme for the early ones.

Delicate layers of cut paper doilies

and beautiful images were the focus on others.

Many opened up in "pop-up" form,

and some had tissuepaper honeycomb embellishments.

The mechanical ones were adorable

with their roaming eyes and movable parts.

It was an honor

to see this incredible collection with

its endearing personal story.

Thank you, Carol and Corey!

"If you don't love my dog

then you needn't love me!"

That's right!

Love me, love my Sadie girl!

St. Valentine's Greetings

 to each of you!


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Shoebox Valentines

~ February ~

The month of hearts and flowers

and special valentines.

Sometime last year and again this past month,

 I happened upon some vintage valentines

that charmed my heart.

They brought back memories of the

valentine boxes of my youth.

Any box with a removable lid worked,

but ours were usually a shoebox or oatmeal container.

Mother helped us cut an opening 

slot in the lid and then cover

the box with shiny gift wrap paper.

She showed us how to make crepe paper ruffles 

to trim the sides and gave us delicate

paper doilies and ribbons to decorate the top.

Construction paper hearts accented with silver, gold, or red glitter

were the final adornments for our annual

February Valentine Box.

You remember ~ the pretty boxes that we took 

to school for that all important 

Valentine's Day Party.

Our boxes were filled to the brim with these simple 

flat valentines from our classmates.

Black rotary phones were the norm

in households of the 1950s,

but mechanical valentines were the special

ones found among the cards in the classroom valentine box.

Mechanical valentines, those with moveable parts,

were popular in the 1940s and 1950s.

Do you see the tiny metal brad 

at the top of the fence post?

It's the mechanism that allows the horse

to jump over the fence.

This very clever one reveals a message in

the window on the building on the dock.

Notice the play on words and 

watch the eyes as 

the message begins to appear.

"I'm going to "SEA" 


you'll be mine.

Honeycomb popups were also 

popular in my youthful years.

Tell me .   .   .

What are your favorite valentine memories

from your childhood days?

Do you remember fancy valentine boxes

and Valentine's Day parties?

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