Monday, February 15, 2021

Monday Morning Blooms

Monday Morning Blooms!

I'm thrilled and honored to
join my talented, flower loving friends,
Mary, Pam, and Lidy.

Shirley couldn't join this round, so the
Monday Morning Blooms Ladies 
invited me to be their guest today.
Thank you, ladies!

Valentine's Day 2021 is but a memory,
but the beautiful flowers live on.

Valentine's, the most famous flower day of the year, assured
there was no shortage of beautiful blooms to be found.
Thank you, Trader Joe's!

My husband was in graduate school the year we married.
It was the era of the "hippie" Flower People, with
inexpensive and beautiful blooms sold on street corners! 
Anyone else remember those years?

Lucky me!
My romantic husband spoiled me 
with fresh flower bouquets each week
and continues to support my love of fresh flowers.

I used chickenwire to stuff our beautiful wide-mouth 
MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check Stoutly
then filled it with an arm load of long lasting blooms
 in soft colors that offered a touch of romance. 
Perfect for the month of February.

~  Hydrangea ~ Tulip ~ Carnation ~ Alstroemeria ~
~ Antique Carnation ~Wax Flower ~ Blazing Star ~
All in varying shades of white and pink.  

A smaller arrangement works best on our table.
Lately intrigued with the stacking concept of tulipieres,
I decided to stack two favorite white cachepots, 
one within the other, to use for the table centerpiece.  

Again, I used chickenwire to create
a flower frog within the smaller pot.

Once the smaller container was filled with a mix of 
butterfly ranunculus and hyacinths, all in pink,
 I added a touch of white blazing star. 

Then I added stems of the ranunculus to the narrow 
ring of space created by the larger piece below. 
 Not the look of a true tulipiere, but I like the end result!
You'll find some beautiful tulipiere examples on my 
Tulipieres Pinterest Board here.

I purposefully selected flowers 
that have a long vase life. 

The delicate butterfly ranunculus, one of my favorites, 
 offer a touch of glimmer with their waxy leaves, 
and the hyacinths are a nod to my blog.

After our Valentine's Dinner,
I traded out the champagne and hearts .   .   .

And invited the birds in from the cold.
We currently have snow and single digits here in Austin. 

I left the plate stack the same, but switched out the 
placemat for a creamy velvet and removed the hearts.

I filled a vintage Fritz and Floyd majolica asparagus
tea cup and saucer with a mini pink kalanchoe.
It added the perfect touch of whimsy to my plate stack.
Are you one to add a plate topper to your plate stack?

Don't have an extra cup and saucer for a pot?
Take a pretty paper cocktail napkin, and make a cone
to turn your mini potted plant into a tussie-mussie.

"Tweet, Tweet!"
I hope you enjoy fresh blooms every day!

Spread your wings and fly on over 
to the wonderful posts below.

Lidy @ French Garden House

To quote Monet,
"I must have flowers, always and always!"

Thanks again for inviting me to share for
Monday Morning Blooms!



The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. Swoon Sarah! What a gorgeous array of blooms and bouquets presented so beautifully in your Courtly Check and stacked containers. Oh to have a Trader Joe’s nearby, that butterfly ranunculus is stunning with the shimmer on the petals. If spring had a fragrance it would be hyacinths. . . I so look forward to picking up some pots of bulbs to enjoy inside and plant them in the garden when they are done. You know I love your sweet birds and I’m sure they’re happy to nest inside where it is warm. I can’t believe you have snow...again! None for us, just cold rain but I’m happy we missed any freezing rain and ice that a lot of Southeast has right now. Thank you for the flower therapy this morning. What a treat to have you us this morning. Stay warm ♥

  2. Good morning Sarah! I love the idea of stacked containers, it is a beautiful way to elevate flowers. The butterfly ranunculus are fabulous and what a find. The nearest Trader Joe’s is 60 miles away, how I wish there was one closer. Your arrangement is stunning with the pink hyacinths, I know their intoxicating fragrance is wafting through your home. Like Mary said, I look forward to some pots of bulbs to enjoy soon. Your sweet birds are perfect with your flowers. Thank you for the beautiful flower inspiration on another cold and rainy day. It is so hard to believe there is snow in Austin. It is a treat to have you as our lovely guest “bloomer” on Monday Morning Blooms!

  3. Beautiful post, Sarah! Your arrangement and vignettes are all stunning! I am intrigued by the butterfly ranaculus! I have never seen them. The waxy petals are striking and how delightful to add hyacinths and white blazing star. Lucky you to have a Trader Joes.Your pretty cachepots were the perfect containers to accent your flowers.
    All your other charming vignettes are great floral therapy on a cold winter day. Thank you for all the inspiration. I will check out your Tulipieres Pinterest board.

  4. Sweet of Monnie Sarah..he must love seeing what you do with them!!:)

  5. Oh Sarah, you have outdone yourself with this beautiful post! Your arrangements are gorgeous! I love the flowers you combined and how they work for Valentine's day and beyond. Of course I love all your MKC pretties, and the asparagus tea cup is adorable! I must go back and peruse your wonderful photos again!

  6. Gorgeous, Sarah, and what a pleasant surprise to see you among the Monday Morning Bloom Friends! But really, it's no surprise at all, knowing your love of blooms and your brilliant ways of styling (and not just the flowers!). Each of your arrangements are so nice. I love the antique carnations, and hyacinths are a happy nod to your blog. I will be happy when I start seeing signs of those and other blooms of early spring, just to know the sense of that season I so long for right now. Stay warm and safe. I hope your power stays with you. I know this current weather pattern is most unusual for TX but, unfortunately, it is pretty common for us.

  7. Dearest Sarah,
    Having been born and raised in The Netherlands, one of the top Flower Producers and Exporters in the World, of course I always had fresh flowers on Fridays for the weekend after the home got cleaned...
    Your pictures look great!

  8. Sarah, what a delightful floral inspiration you have made for us today! Oh, where to begin?? I love your stacked containers, it is a beautiful way to elevate all your glorious flowers. The butterfly ranunculus are fabulous with their shimmering petals. But it's really those antique carnations that grabbed my attention! I'll admit that carnations are often not my very favorite flower {I know! How rude!} but these are stunning. It is such a joy to have you as our lovely guest “bloomer” on Monday Morning Blooms today! xo Lidy

  9. Your flowers are so pretty! Glad you could join the gals!

  10. Sarah, your table is so elegant, and I love all the details! I think my favorite is the butterfly ranunculus: I love the shape and shimmer! They are lovely!

  11. Absolutely exquisite. The table, the flowers -- every SINGLE flower -- picked and placed at the peak of perfection. So beautiful!

  12. I love your bouquets. Simply Gorgeous!

  13. Its ALL so beautiful here, perfect to linger at all your flower magic and the extra joy that your husband buys you flowers weekly...

  14. So beautiful Sarah. What an honor to be invited as a guest for Monday Morning Blooms. Your flowers are gorgeous. Love the vase. Monnie is so sweet gifting you weekly flowers. A gorgeous post to view with my morning coffee.

  15. Sarah, you are my to go person for anything MacKenzie-Child’s. What a loving gesture your hubby made each week bringing you flowers. Yes, I remember those days of flower stands on the street corners. Your table is gorgeous and your floral creations spectacular!

  16. Sarah, your arrangements and vignettes are just sunning. The MacKenzie-Childs pieces are exquisite for holding your flowers and I love the fun of making a tulipiere. Valentine's Day is the perfect timing for this post. Oh the love of those street corner flowers and the hippies selling them. Those were the days..........

  17. So beautiful Sarah. What an honor to be invited as a guest for Monday Morning Blooms. I appreciate the tip to use chicken wire to stuff our beautiful wide-mouth
    MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check Stoutly vessel. A favorite bloom is the ranunculus, and I agree with Monet.

  18. Yes, I agree with Debbie, what an honor to be a guest for Monday Morning Blooms. Your choice of long lasting blossoms is one that I appreciate. I like to get more for my buck! I have to also admit that I adore that tiny, vintage, kalanchoe filled Fitz and Floyd teacup. The bright pink with the green is just stunning!

  19. Hi Sarah, I'm back this morning for a needed dose of flower therapy on a cold, rainy day! We're under a winter storm advisory with a wintry mix and ice but it's looking like rain instead and I'm happy to skip the ice! Your post was so beautiful and we were thrilled to have your join us. I look forward to trying your stacked container technique. I just checked your forecast and saw you're on a warming trend after tonight! Stay safe ♥

  20. Beautiful flowers! Beautiful everything!
    Sarah, hoping you are OK - safe, with power and water etc. So sorry Texas has been hit so hard. Sending wishes for better times ahead and soon!
    Hugs - Mary

  21. So beautiful Sarah! I love how you incorporate your love for MC into your amazing floral arrangements. Oh how I wish we had a Trader Joe's nearby! I'm featuring this post at All About Home this Monday evening. Thanks so much for always coming by to share the inspiration! I hope you guys are okay after this last week's deep freeze!


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