Thursday, February 10, 2011

~Have a Heart ~

The happy, whimsical art of Mary Engelbreit has
long delighted many of us and filled our lives with joy.

"Have a Heart"
Each of Mary's witty sayings brings a smile to
my face, and this is certainly among one of my favorites!

This card is from 1994.

The little heart shaped box is 
dated 1996 by Michael and Co.

Both inspired this needlepoint pillow
that I stitched all those many years ago.

With oodles of decorative stitches to create texture and dimension,
this project offered hours of fun with my needle in hand.

Here it is again on a 
pinkolicious heart shaped tin.
You can click here to see my other
Mary Engelbreit valentine tins in a previous post.

Plate, 1988, by Applause Inc.
Another of Mary's words of wisdom:
" TWO hearts are better than ONE."

There's no better time to share
one's heart than on Valentine's Day.

And a heart shaped box full of chocolates
is often the perfect valentine.

I've gathered my Mary Engelbreit valentine boxes together to share with you today. This tray vignette served as a centerpiece here for a chocolate inspired Valentine's Day table set for two.

Collected through the years, each box is made of paper
and ready to fill with one's own SURPRISE.

This one proclaims another 
of my favorite M.E. sayings.

Sweetie Pie 
is too cute for words.

LOVE and another with
Ann Estelle and her friend, Gracie sharing a secret.

ALWAYS and the reverse of the
Ann Estelle and Gracie box above,
"Life has no blessing like a good friend."

PUT YOUR HEART IN IT ~ Always the best of advice.

The front of the Have a Heart Box shown above
and a sweet garden of hearts box:
"Sow good services, sweet
remembrances will grow from them."

I think we'll all agree, Mary Engelbreit is the
Queen of Hearts!

Two new designs for this year with Mary's
stylized flowers and checkerboard patterns.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Have a heart before heading over to the following parties.
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