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Sunday, June 12, 2016

She's A Grand Ole Flag ~ 2016

This post was first published here in June 2014.

This happens to be one of my favorite posts,

so like picking up a good book to read again, 

I'm reposting this one.  

Celebrating National Flag Week

Honoring the red, white, and blue.

Patriotic holidays and the colors of our country's flag

have always given me a sense of pride and happiness.

I'm proud to be American!

As an elementary teacher for 30 years,

patriotism was an important component

throughout the year's curriculum.

It wasn't an isolated unit, 

but rather a theme that was woven into

various activities and integrated across the curriculum.

I believe it is important to teach children respect 

for our country's flag and other patriotic symbols and .   .   .

That instilling patriotism at an early 

age enables young children to understand 

the responsibilities of good citizenship.

It makes my heart sing to drive 

through my neighborhood and .   .   .

See families proudly 

display the flag of our country.

It reminds me that the US is a country united, 

one of liberty and justice for all.





If you are an American,

pay tribute to our flag this week.

"She's A Grand Ole Flag"

Flag Day ~ June 14

All photos were taken by me and enhanced through the Waterlogue App.


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