Monday, August 2, 2010

Orange is for Marmalade

"Orange was his favorite as he never tires of telling us. It is, apparently, a more interesting color. Many of William's favorite things are orange. Not oranges, nothing that prosaic. It's not that William is opposed to fruit. He likes a nice kumquat, especially in preserves. But the things he enjoys that are orange include paella spiced with saffron, Monarch butterflies, the Orangemen of Northern Ireland and of Syracuse University, and especially traffic cones."

If you'd like to know more about William, the precocious five year old whose favorite color is orange, pick up a copy of Ayelet Waldman's LOVE AND OTHER IMPOSSIBLE PURSUITS. William and the other personalities in this novel are certain to keep you amused. You can read more about this book in my Food For Thought review here.

I do appreciate an occasional paella spiced with saffron, and Monarch butterflies have always fascinated me with their amazingly vibrant orange wings, but orange to me is marmalade.

Growing up, my mom usually made biscuits on Saturday morning, but here in our home it's Sunday mornings that often mean fresh baked biscuits ~ piping hot out of the oven, lathered with sweet cream butter, and a dollop of orange marmalade. Though my husband is the chef in the family, I'm the biscuit maker in our household. And see that vintage cutter? It was the biscuit cutter that belonged to my grandmother as a young bride, has been passed down through the family, and has been in my kitchen now for almost 30 years.

Can you smell the aroma of fresh baked biscuits?

I've set our vintage breakfast tray just for you.

Orange marmalade is made from the peel of Seville oranges, sugar, and water. The peel, somewhat bitter, is what gives orange marmalade it's distinctive taste. Seville oranges are high in pectin which helps set the mixture.

Go ahead and lather 

up plenty on your biscuit.

It's the perfect combination

 of sweetness with a tangy bite.

Orange is across the color wheel 

from blue which makes them complimentary colors.

The contrast of complimentary 

colors creates a vibrant look.

Blue, a cool color, gives the impression of calm and will help sooth your morning while the orange, a warm color, will help you feel energized for the day ahead.

I especially like the striking 

contrast against fresh white or neutrals.

The multiple fabric weaves and designs outlined with chain stitched embroidery add wonderful texture to this textile from Anthropologie.

It's actually meant to be a dish towel, 

but I like to use it as a tray cloth.

The linen napkin edged 

in lace adds yet more texture.

So settle in and enjoy 

your little morning treat.

You're sure to find plenty of 

orange color among the Sunday comics.

Hot biscuits, marmalade, 

and fresh squeezed orange juice.

you are extroverted
cheerful, impatient and loud
you seek adventure
your down to earth attitude
is very attractive
you love sports and nature
you are quite talkative
you are always willing to help
but you will never be pushed around

So how many of you out there consider orange to be your favorite color? Any of you see yourself described above? Leave me a comment to let me know.

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