Wednesday, February 10, 2010

D is for Doilies & . . .

D is for Doilies . . .

Do doilies make you think of Valentine's Day?

Paper doilies have been around for decades 

and are styled after the crocheted or lace doilies of 

Victorian and Edwardian times.

These delicate lacy papers come in many

sizes, shapes, and colors. 

 The designs resemble fine lace.

Doilies are often sold in packages 

of 20-40 and usually cost only a few dollars. 

 I like to pick them up when I see them. 

 They are useful to have on hand to line a silver serving tray 

or bowl or just the thing to make some handmade valentines.

You can find lots of doilies during the month of February 

because they are perfect for Valentine's Day.

I fondly remember using doilies as a child to decorate my yearly Valentine's box for school. As an elementary teacher I'm sure I've purchased dozens of packages of doilies through the years to have on hand in my classroom each February for Valentine Day projects. Boxes were decorated with these lacy delights, and special valentines were made with love for moms and dads and grandparents.

With this in mind I decided to make a few doily inspired valentines this year when a friend suggested that a group of us exchange handmade valentines. All that is needed is a pair of sharp pointed scissors to easily cut out the various flowers or hearts or other design motifs within a doily. So I reached into my stash of doilies and began cutting. I purchased a pack of precut cards with a rickrack edge at Michael's to use as a card base.

Then I took the various doily pieces 

and let my imagination take it from there.

I added stickers of friendship quotes among 

the doily designs on the front and a single quote 

on the back of each card along with a personal note.

Each one was unique with its own design and message. It's not too late to make some of these cards for those sweethearts on your valentine list. This is a quick and easy idea for a handmade card.

But that's not all!

D is also for . . .

Laurie @ Bargain Shopping and Chatting with Laurie is hosting a Valentine Party this week where everyone shares their valentine decorations. As you might guess, as a retired elementary teacher I just happen to love Valentine Decorations. So scroll on down if you are interested.

One of my favorite activities is to needlepoint or cross-stitch. I've an assortment of pillows that I've done with a nod to St. Valentine. The pair of cross-stitch pillows with the little boy and girl, as well as the red sampler, are all French designs.

Valentine figures and one time candy boxes 

sit around in various places.

Heart shaped topiaries of ivy fill 

containers both large and . . .


Mary Engelbreit tins are scattered 

among the French faience in a pine cupboard.

Round Top Collection 

jars are filled with Valentine treats.

A purple rooster sits among 

glass hearts on a pewter tray.

Silver with sweetheart roses and sentimental 

heart shaped boxes definitely says "romance".

Collections of Mary Engelbreit boxes along

with other heart shaped boxes fill silver baskets, 

and a collection of various petite heart shaped 

boxes gather on a silver tray.

Valentine's Day wouldn't be complete 

without red hot hearts

 So help yourself!

Thanks for joining me today. Click here to join Mrs. Matlock's class on the Letter D. Don't forget to join Laurie @ Bargain Hunting and Chatting with Laurie for her Valentine Party.