Wednesday, February 10, 2010

D is for Doilies & . . .

D is for Doilies . . .

Do doilies make you think of Valentine's Day?

Paper doilies have been around for decades 

and are styled after the crocheted or lace doilies of 

Victorian and Edwardian times.

These delicate lacy papers come in many

sizes, shapes, and colors. 

 The designs resemble fine lace.

Doilies are often sold in packages 

of 20-40 and usually cost only a few dollars. 

 I like to pick them up when I see them. 

 They are useful to have on hand to line a silver serving tray 

or bowl or just the thing to make some handmade valentines.

You can find lots of doilies during the month of February 

because they are perfect for Valentine's Day.

I fondly remember using doilies as a child to decorate my yearly Valentine's box for school. As an elementary teacher I'm sure I've purchased dozens of packages of doilies through the years to have on hand in my classroom each February for Valentine Day projects. Boxes were decorated with these lacy delights, and special valentines were made with love for moms and dads and grandparents.

With this in mind I decided to make a few doily inspired valentines this year when a friend suggested that a group of us exchange handmade valentines. All that is needed is a pair of sharp pointed scissors to easily cut out the various flowers or hearts or other design motifs within a doily. So I reached into my stash of doilies and began cutting. I purchased a pack of precut cards with a rickrack edge at Michael's to use as a card base.

Then I took the various doily pieces 

and let my imagination take it from there.

I added stickers of friendship quotes among 

the doily designs on the front and a single quote 

on the back of each card along with a personal note.

Each one was unique with its own design and message. It's not too late to make some of these cards for those sweethearts on your valentine list. This is a quick and easy idea for a handmade card.

But that's not all!

D is also for . . .

Laurie @ Bargain Shopping and Chatting with Laurie is hosting a Valentine Party this week where everyone shares their valentine decorations. As you might guess, as a retired elementary teacher I just happen to love Valentine Decorations. So scroll on down if you are interested.

One of my favorite activities is to needlepoint or cross-stitch. I've an assortment of pillows that I've done with a nod to St. Valentine. The pair of cross-stitch pillows with the little boy and girl, as well as the red sampler, are all French designs.

Valentine figures and one time candy boxes 

sit around in various places.

Heart shaped topiaries of ivy fill 

containers both large and . . .


Mary Engelbreit tins are scattered 

among the French faience in a pine cupboard.

Round Top Collection 

jars are filled with Valentine treats.

A purple rooster sits among 

glass hearts on a pewter tray.

Silver with sweetheart roses and sentimental 

heart shaped boxes definitely says "romance".

Collections of Mary Engelbreit boxes along

with other heart shaped boxes fill silver baskets, 

and a collection of various petite heart shaped 

boxes gather on a silver tray.

Valentine's Day wouldn't be complete 

without red hot hearts

 So help yourself!

Thanks for joining me today. Click here to join Mrs. Matlock's class on the Letter D. Don't forget to join Laurie @ Bargain Hunting and Chatting with Laurie for her Valentine Party.


The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. I love Doilies! i enjoyed the creativity you showed turning them into cards! very cool!

  2. I enjoyed your "D" post about dollies and also seeing all your wonderful Valentine decorations. I collect decorative tins and I have quite a few of the same ones you have. :-)

  3. Sarah, what a wonderful post! And yes, I always think of Valentine's Day when I see paper doillies, and I also think of my mother. She loved Valentine's Day! :-)

    And I love all of your wonderful decorations and fun cards! That little silver basket with the red candy is gorgeous, and I love the little Valentine figurines and things you've collected. Is that the Queen of Hearts? Love her!

    Thanks for sharing your goodies with us. It was a true treat!


    Sheila :-)

  4. I love doilies and they do take me back to Valentines Day as a child. I would never have thought of cutting them like you did. Those cards are wonderful. That must be a totally original idea because I have never, ever seen it done before.

    I'm thinking I can modify that a bit for Easter and Spring cards!

    Thanks for the Delightful idea!

    And, you my dear, have certainly earned an A+!

  5. I loved making doily crafts when I was a little girl-- maybe I need to revisit then as a grown-up!

  6. Sarah, I love doilies! The valentine cards you made are so sweet! I have a niece named Doyle and we affectionately call her Doylie, which I'm sure she appreciates to no end! ;-)
    And last but not least, I have to tell you that I think your glass hearts are gorgeous! I LOVE those.

  7. Sarah,

    Those paper doilies are so nostalgic for me. I have used them (and real ones) in many ways.

    I See that you have been very busy crafting for Valentine's Day. The little cards are so charming.

    Talk to you soon ;)
    Bunny Jean

  8. Oh Sarah, all your heart accessories are so pretty. I like paper doilies too. I use them for lining cookies and cakes. They make the food presentation prettier....Christine

  9. I love doilies, use them a lot. Yours look all great

  10. Absolutely wonderful, Sarah! I want to spend Valentine's Day at your house. You have the loveliest things AND you created some pretties for others!

    Great job!

  11. Such pretty cards you created with the doilies, sweet Valentines indeed.
    The silver tray with heart shaped trinkets is lovely, in fact it all is!

  12. Super "D" Duper doilies & decorations, Sarah! I thought I had a bit collection of hearts. LOL You've got me beat, easily.

    I had ivy growing around a heart shaped frame when I lived in FL. I still have the frame & you've inspired me to go find some ivy & get busy training it around.

    This is a great post & I ♥ everything in it.
    Thanks for the well wishes for our anniversary, too. :)


  13. What a wonderful post. Doilies do make me think of Valentine's day, and I love your handcrafted cards. Lovely decorations, you are so talented. Kathy

  14. Good Morning Sarah!

    As usual, I am in love with all your handiwork! What is any more precious that giving and receiving handmade Valentines??

    Thanks for sharing your Doilies with us today!

  15. Yes, I always think of doilies for Valentine's Day. Those cards you made are wonderful. Enjoyed all your decorations too.

  16. Your posts are always so pretty! Brava! Brava!

  17. WOW Sarah!!! How fun! I wished I was there to play in your house! Very creative! I love your Valentine very cute! Your girlfriends will love their cards! And your decorations for Valentine's Day turned out so very stylish! Love black/white checks/red...that's in my kitchen! :)

    Have a Creative Day!

  18. Sarah there is no end to your creativity! Your handwork is amazing, and your collections stunning.

    Anyone would be pleased to get one of your hand created Valentines.

    May you have a good one and I am sure you will!

  19. Oh how pretty! I'm going out to buy some doilies today :) . Thanks for the inspiration!

  20. How sweet! Now I'm remembering all the doilies my teachers used to decorate classrooms when I was young. You're right, they just scream "Valentine's Day" and are so pretty. Thank you for sharing!

  21. Wow! this brought back memories! My mom always had a variety of paper doilies on hand for crafting and decorating valentine boxes. Great post!

  22. I haven't seen paper doilies for years. I love how creatively you used them for your Valentine's cards. They look beautiful.

  23. You have so many beautiful ideas and decorations. I am completely inspired to go make some valentines.

  24. Oh Sarah, how I love this post! Of course, you know I loved seeing your shelves filled with French faience and ME boxes (2 of my favorite things). Your doilie cards are so pretty, and I love your heart shaped topiaries. How long have you been training them? You have so many pretty V'tine decorations, and they are all just perfect for the V'tine party! Thanks somuch for joining in. laurie

  25. Your doilies are so cute and you used them in such a clever way. All the Valentine decor is spectacular.

  26. Your Valentine Day decor is very pretty - especially like the topiaries. I have one, but mine is faux. :) Your did a great job on the cards. I know the recipients of the cards will be very pleased.

  27. How clever to use doily parts for your cards! They look so cute!
    Love the purple rooster and all your valentines decor.

  28. The cards are very sweet! I love the flowers made out of the doilies! And thank you for sharing your valentines decor and for leaving such a thoughtful comment on my post. I don't mind if I do have a few of those red hots, they are a favorite of mine!

  29. I haven't used dollies in a long time but I do love them and home made valentine's are the best.

  30. Sara, D is for delightful and darling! This really should have been under "V" for this is the most wonderful valentine's post!

  31. Your doilie creations are beautiful. I have fond memories of making Valentine boxes decorated with doilies as a child. Thanks for the memories.

  32. You have such wonderful treasures. I really enjoyed looking at them. I've always loved paper doilies. They're so pretty. Rosie

  33. The paper lace that has captured my heart is that of the vintage era. Lace so fine that it is not made today. I'm so lucky to have collected many, many types from the 1800. Your doilies are so pretty and will some day be hard to find.

  34. Sarah, thanks for stopping by my blog. I love those doilies. So so cute! And your ideas are just wonderful!

    I saw some laser cut lace pattern on vinyl red placemats at Jo-Ann's yesterday and I was in love! Maybe I'll find on a better deal soon...

  35. I love the beautiful doilies, they are fun to play with, I do believe they will be hard to find someday, i love old lace and thats what they look like i agree....thanks for sharing..Phyllis

  36. WOW! What a wonderful Valentine display! You have so many wonderful things I don't know what to start with. I love all of the black and white weakness! The MacKenzie Childs speaks to my soul;)! I love the heart topiary sitting on the pedestal...beautiful! Your doilies are darling!

    Needless to say I loved my visit here!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  37. So pretty!~ I love anything to do with Valentines as I have a Valentines birthday!.., This February 14th I am celebrating my 50th birthday!..,

    I also adore what you've done with the paper lace hearts , (and not surprisingly, they are also another favorite of mine)!..,

    You are warmly welcomed to visit my little corner of the blogging world to view all of my pretty Valentines tea goodies; I'd love to have you pop by for a visit!

    You see, "I serve a cyber, afternoon tea", every Tuesday and Wednesday on two of my blogs..,

    Cheers and blessings from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  38. Love all of your valentine decor. That silver basket is gorgeous, as is the needlework. Those cards look better than what Hallmark had this year where I live. I'm amazed that you did that by hand! Have a happy V-day!

  39. OMG Sarah,
    You are very talented! I love all your crafts and the cards are just gorgeous! I love the heart shaped boxes on the silver platter, great post, I so enjoyed it! Cindy

  40. Your heart boxes are precious. I just love the way you have them collaged together! Have a wonderful valentine's day!

  41. What gorgeous decorations, your cards are stunning. I always forget about doillies. They are just wonderful. I love your pillows, so pretty and all of your other heart shaped dishes and collectibles are outstanding. Beautiful decorations. Hugs, Marty

  42. Beautiful post, Sarah! I love paper doilies too!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  43. Lots of fabulous Valentine goodies. My favorite is the red sampler that you made. Now I want to make one. I haven't done any needlework or cross stitch since the 80's. Time to get back into it. Thanks for sharing your decor. And the cards made with doilies is a fabulous idea as well. Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment.

  44. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Happy Valentines. Like Doilies too.

  45. Very pretty Saeah...Love those red hots...Your cards are wonderful girl...Happy Valentine day to you girl...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  46. Hi Sarah! Oh, I love doilies too and use the real ones around my home! You are so talented making these precious Valentine cards! I love them.
    Look at all your pretty needlework and those designs are beautiful! Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  47. what a great D' post...I love doilies on paper Valentines....They are so beautiful...I can just smell the smell of the old library paste in grade school, gluing them on paper hearts...all your photos are beautiful and Happy Valentines Day...Melinda

  48. Love all of your creative ideas for using doilies! The cards are so unique. Love your valentine decor.


  49. Love all the Valentine-y stuff. Did you get my email notifying you that you won the DonnaDots? Just need your mailing address :) You can send it to

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  50. You made such lovely Valentines with all your doilies! Well done!
    PS And your tablescape is quite pretty, too. :)

  51. Doilies do make me think of Valentines day and a lovely tea party :0)
    Your have some fabulous heart decorations and your needlepoint is so pretty. I enjoyed scrolling through your party....

  52. What a wonderful collection of Valentine pretties! My daughter collection Mary Englebreit and they always catch my eye!

    I'm a little late for Laurie's Valentine party, but I just posted!

    Happy Valentine's Day!!


  53. D is for doilies and my children have always loved to hang the paper hearts in the windows and my 22 year old did again this year! I love it!! And I love the pretty valentines you made out of the doilies!!

    Your Valentine's Day decor is also very nice. I love the silver baskets!!


  54. Doilies and ME! Now you just can't beat that! Cute!I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!


  55. Love doilies! What a sweet treat! Love truly lives in the details.

    Happy hearts day!

  56. Oh I love your doiley valentines! Happy Valentine's day!

  57. Gorgeous decor! I've been slow to make the blog rounds this past week, but so glad to have seen yours today! ~ Angela

  58. You have so many beautiful hearts and other Valentine decorations. But what I like best is the cross stitch you have done,especially the Mary Engelbreit one.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  59. Loved that post!
    Doilies remind me of my mom. She would pick roses to make bouquets for our dance recitals and put them in a doily!
    I do the same now for my gdau..all the other kids have flowers from the florist, but she likes the nosegay I make. (when the deer don't eat my roses, ie..:( )

  60. I love this post- I was looking for Valentine's day inspiration : ) Luckily I just picked up a pack of dollies. I remember Valentine's Day was always my favorite holiday in elementary school- I enjoyed making the little mailbox to collect cards or heart envelopes to collect our cards...


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