Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Let's Dish ~ Sara's Flowers by Vietri

Let's Dish ~ Sara's Flowers

It's no secret that I admire 

the beautiful ceramics of Vietri.  

I've shared previous posts on 

Vietri patterns here, here, and here.  

The salad plate in the 

place setting shown in this beautiful 

table set at one of my favorite local shops

is part of Sara Bellini's beautiful series, Sara's Flowers. 

The colorful Italian ceramic

 sits atop a square glass plate in deep purple, 

followed by an exquisite 

Annie Glass dinner plate with ruffled gold edge. 

The beautiful stack of plates sit

on a round charger in woven rattan. 

Love the juxtaposition of elegant glass pieces 

with the casual look and feel of the pottery and rattan.

More glass serving pieces accented with gold,

delicate crystal stems, and purple tumblers 

add to the richness of this tablescape.

Love the gold embossed details!

Individual place cards will make 

each guest feel special.

Especially when the details on the 

card mirror these exquisite orchids in the centerpiece.

This particular plate features a pot of Lilac blooms.

Lilacs don't thrive in the Texas heat, 

but I've other beautiful flowers 

blooming in my spring garden.

Come back to visit on Friday, June 1st for

Favorites on the First @ Polohouse

when bloggers will share their own gardens.

I'll be spotlighting Sarah's Flowers.  


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Let's Dish ~ Patriotic Picnics

Let's Dish ~ Patriotic Picnics
Memorial Day is right around the corner,
and it's only the prelude to the patriotic holidays of summer.

Summertime is the perfect opportunity to 
pack a basket in anticipation of an picnic.

Gather together some of your 
Red ~ White ~ Blue 

Spread your quilt and enjoy a picnic 
at the lake, on the beach, your favorite park,
or where ever your heart desires.

Memorial Day
A time to honor all those who have given selflessly to their country.  From the Civil War soldiers to those fighting today on foreign soils, we remember the men and women who have died while serving in the US Armed Forces.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Let's Dish ~ Tuscan Inspiration

Let's Dish ~ Tuscan Inspiration

I've been out of town and have had little opportunity to create 
a table setting for this week, so I reached into my photo files for something to share.  It's been more than ten years since we've traveled in Italy, but our time in Tuscany is still vivid in my memory.  When I saw this beautiful tablescape at Pottery Barn last year, I was immediately drawn to the rich warm colors.

Reproduction olive jars set the 

mood in the center of the table.

The olives may be faux, 

but they looked good enough to eat.

~ apricots ~ browns ~ golds ~ 

~ olive greens ~ rusty reds ~

~ natural linen ~

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

  The depth of this tablescapes' color palette 

immediately transported me back 

to the richness of a Tuscan landscape.

Textures and layers offered 

the rich look of aged stucco. 

Both color and texture 

spoke for themselves.

Each place setting offered 

simplicity with a touch of flair.

Heavy glassware and chicken wire 

votive holders offered a contrast of texture 

atop the loose linen weave of the textile.

Flatware was presented within a white linen napkin.

Smooth ceramics atop woven reed chargers 

brought in more layers of interesting textures.

Metal napkin rings encircled a duo of linen napkins.

 ~ One a beautiful printed linen, 

the other a simple fringed ecru. ~

I find the contrast of colors and 

textures very appealing.

Add in the white details and . . .

It all stacks up to be very inviting.

A loaf of bread along with a few bread sticks

Was nestled in with more textural linens.

A natural reed wine coaster 

held a bottle of red close at hand.

So tell me, does this table make 

you feel as if you've escaped to Tuscany?


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Let's Dish ~ Tabletop Treasures from My Mom

Mother's Day Challenge 

Let's Dish @ Cuisine Kathleen

~ A tribute to my mom for Mother's Day ~

My mother was an avid gardener until

 she moved out of her home at age 90.

Now 97, she no longer gardens, 

but she still loves beautiful flowers.

She also loves sweets, 

especially chocolate ice cream 

and rich pound cake.

In honor of my mother, 

I set a tray with her favorite things 

and pretended we were having an afternoon 

treat in the garden.  I filled some of her beautiful 

glass baskets with springtime blooms.

I fondly remember these beautiful 

glass basket vases from my childhood.

They are treasures that my mom passed on to me.

These elegant etched glass baskets 

were made in the 1920s and 1930s.

They are perfect for springtime bouquets!

I've set the tray with 

my mom's wedding china,

Homer Laughlin's 

Virginia Rose - Jeanette Gold.

This china was made in 1939.  

Virginia Rose was a very popular 

shape with many different designs.  

My mom chose Jeanette's Gold 

with delicate pink flowers and gold details.

Each piece has double 

gold bands on the outside rim.

These pretty linen napkins 

were one of my wedding gifts in 1975.

Mother of Pearl vintage flatware seemed 

the perfect choice for this dessert tray.

Pretty and elegant ~ just like my mom.

Won't you join us for a scoop of ice cream?

Happy Mother's Day!

Congratulations to the Tablescaper 

who is celebrating 

100th Seasonal Sunday.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Let's Dish ~ Springtime Simplicity

~ Springtime Simplicity ~

I shot the photo of this lovely table setting 

at Marburger Antiques this spring.

Such a simple idea, 

and so easy to replicate.

The random bottles

 could be filled with flowers,

but I rather like them empty 

with the occasional stopper added.

Did you notice that 

these stoppers are door knobs?

Place settings of 

vintage white china,

each piece a different pattern.

White linens with ruffles 

to flutter in the breeze,

and gauzy slips over the chairs 

make this table setting

Simplistically Stunning!