Thursday, March 1, 2012

I HEART Vignettes!


may be the month of hearts,

but @ HFTS

hearts are always in season.

Today is

Favorites on the First

@ The Polohouse

Alison invited us to share

vignettes around our home.

During February

heart shaped objects

often take center stage,

Even though some pieces

are typically out year round.

One can take pieces from

collections, gather them together

and mix in other elements..

It adds a bit of whimsey to toss a

heart into the mix of any vignette.

A mix of textures 

will add layers to a theme.

Creating little vignettes is much like

what an artist does when painting a still life.

Could be the unlikely 

pairing of two objects . . .

Simply tossing utilitarian

tools into a wooden bowl . . .

Or my personal favorite ~

a grouping of sentimental treasures.

What ever your heart desires,

gather up something fun to

create a heart pleasing vignette.