Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Memorial Day ~ Celebrate in Red, White, and Blue

America the Beautiful

Celebrate the patriotic holidays of summer 

and indulge your patriotic spirit.

Fill your favorite 

blue and white container

with blooms from your garden.

Set a festive table, 

and dine in patriotic style!

Memorial Day Weekend

It's the prelude to the patriotic holidays of summer.

The perfect opportunity to pack a basket 

in anticipation of a picnic.

Gather together some of your 

Red ~ White ~ Blue 

Spread your quilt and enjoy a picnic 

at the lake, on the beach, your favorite park,

or where ever your heart desires.

Memorial Day

A time to honor all those 

who have given selflessly to their country.  

From the Civil War soldiers 

to those fighting today on foreign soils,

we remember the men and women who have died 

while serving in the US Armed Forces.

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