Tuesday, June 22, 2010

W is for Wonderland

Summer Sunday in Central Park


is for


Vintage Copy of Alice in Wonderland

That magical nonsensical world Alice 

fell into as she swirled down the rabbit hole. 

The strange characters of Lewis Carroll's 

Alice in Wonderland 

were etched into my memory as a young child.

Did you know there is a bit of 

this magical world in Central Park?

Oh, yes! 

You will see Alice there!

You'll find Alice sitting 

with her sweet little kitty, Dinah.

The March Hare is there, 

umbrella in hand . . .

Rushing past in a hurry . . .

With his watch out of his waistcoat pocket

"Oh, dear! Oh, dear! He must be late!"

"I dare say it's a French mouse, 

come over with William the conqueror."

"Don't be startled by seeing the 

Cheshire-Cat sitting on a bough of a tree . . ."

The Mad Hatter will greet you.

You won't find a tea party, 

but you're welcome to sit among the mushrooms.

There, right by the little Dormouse. 

There is plenty of room.

Yes, many of my favorite curious characters 

of this literary nonsense tale are there, 

a tangible presence waiting just for you and me.

You'll find them up the path from the model boat basin 

with its miniature sailboats skimming across the water.

This 11' bronze sculpture 

is one of Central Park's most beloved. 

Unlike other statues, this one was built with children in mind. 

One can climb and crawl all over Alice and her curious friends.

Circling the base of this sculpture are bronze  

plaques within the pebbles of the terrace. 

Each features a different inscription from the story.

The impressive sculptural group was commissioned by 

philanthropist George Delacorte in 1959 as a tribute to his wife, 

Margarita, and a gift to the children of New York City.

Jose de Creeft, 

a Spanish born French-trained sculptor,

is the artist of this whimsical sculpture.

Fernando Texidor 

was the project's designer.

Please come back on Saturday. 

 The Mad Hatter will be serving tea.

No doubt you want to spend more time in the park, but you can't be late for Mrs. Matlock's class. There are more "Letter W" lessons waiting for you here.

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