Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Night In Paris ~ Joyeux Noel

A Night in Paris ~ Joyeux Noel

 A friend and I hosted a holiday

dinner party for our Mah Jongg group.

Some of you may remember

that I spent two weeks in France last fall.

One of my friends joined me when I arrived in Paris.

While there, we began planning a 

special dinner party for

A Night in Paris.

The table featured our own

La Tour Eiffel

complete with sparkling lights   .   .   .

Atop a Champ de Mars

of fresh greens and fragrant rose petals.

Une Magnifique Soirée!

There were twelve of us,

so we set another small table to the side.

While in Paris last September,

we dined at Auberge Bressane,

one of my favorite restaurants which offers

an authentic traditional French cuisine.

In anticipation of our dinner party,

our waiter let us buy some of the restaurant's napkins

to take home as souvenirs of our trip.

Dinner plates 

~ Spode Christmas Tree ~

We brought back these

adorable trays for each of our guests.

They served as perfect 

bread plates for croissants and butter.

Wrapped packages for 

each guest were sparkly Eiffel Tower

ornaments to hang on their own tree

and a copy of 


Brie En Croute and champagne to toast

the evening while lively French music filled the room.

We had a local restaurant make our main course,

authentic savory French crepes ~ The Eiffel and The Bruni.

You can see a complete menu for Café Crepé here.

Haricot Vert and fresh tomatoes

topped with a special vegetable mixture.

Dessert ~ Créme Bruleé, bien sur!

Sadly, no food photos ~ too busy!

Bonne Année 2015, Mes Amis!