Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Something Fishy

Let's Dish 
With Cuisine Kathleen

Something fishy here!  
This table isn't exactly patriotic.

But it definitely celebrates  
Red ~ White ~ Blue

Swim on up and 
hook yourself a fish.

A Vietri fish 
in their Fish-Fish Pattern.

The collection was inspired by the 
work of ceramist, Giovanni De Simone.

These new designs are an update from 
the original collection that was introduced in 1990.

The fish plates look as if they are swimming when 
stacked atop the vibrant Vietri Marina Blu dinner plates.  
The rattan chargers, with their beaded edges,
 remind me of a sandy beach.  
Both echo the bright colors of this happy pottery.

The cabana stripes and the chevron 
design are a perfect fit for the beach theme.

As is the 
sea blue glassware.

Just for fun, 
more fish swim across the table.

With the occasional 
piece of branch coral.

These colorful hand painted dishes 
come in several sizes and shapes.  
Though I took these photos at a local shop, 
the hand painted pieces of Fish-Fish are available 

A special thank you to my friend Grant 
for allowing me to share his beautiful tablescape
created to display Fish-Fish by Vietri.

Memorial Day
A time to honor all those who have given selflessly to their country.  From the Civil War soldiers to those fighting today on foreign soils, we remember the men and women who have died while serving in the US Armed Forces.  In addition, this year we remember all in Texas and Oklahoma who have recently suffered great loss with the recent tornadoes.