Saturday, August 17, 2019

Bee Kind ~ Celebrate World Honey Bee Day

August 17, 2019 ~ World Honey Bee Day!

 Please come join in the 
celebration out on the terrace.

 We are serving sweet 
honey lemon bee hive cakelets.

Everyone knows I'm a collector at heart.
Are you surprised that I would have a collection
of bee hive honey pots and other bee items?

 Buzz right on in and get a "bees" eye view
of all the bee inspired details.

 Mack the Bear is here to also share some 
important details about the day. 

A day to honor those busy buzzing bees who are responsible 
for more than a third of the food we enjoy eating.
A day to honor those dedicated honey bee enthusiast 
who care for the hives of bees across the world.

Mack the Bear wants to put a "bee in your bonnet"!
There are many envionmental issues that affect honey bees today.

We all need to be aware of what we 
can do to make a difference.
The Honey Bee Conservency 
offers excellent suggestions here.

Don't forget:

Plant a garden of bee loving plants. 

Support your local bee keepers.

Buy local honey and .   .   . 

Take advantage of the many 
health benefits associated with local honey.

Sadie encourages you to 
become an advocate for bees.

"Woof, Woof"
Spread the word!

If interested, you can find the recipe for 
Honey Lemon Cakelets 

Ten Ways to Make Your Yard More Friendly
to Bees and Other Pollinators 

Let's Celebrate 
World Honey Bees 

~ Save the Bees ~

Sadie Mercedes and I always 
appreciate your comments and visits.
Thank you for buzzing in today.