Saturday, August 17, 2019

Bee Kind ~ Celebrate World Honey Bee Day

August 17, 2019 ~ World Honey Bee Day!

 Please come join in the 
celebration out on the terrace.

 We are serving sweet 
honey lemon bee hive cakelets.

Everyone knows I'm a collector at heart.
Are you surprised that I would have a collection
of bee hive honey pots and other bee items?

 Buzz right on in and get a "bees" eye view
of all the bee inspired details.

 Mack the Bear is here to also share some 
important details about the day. 

A day to honor those busy buzzing bees who are responsible 
for more than a third of the food we enjoy eating.
A day to honor those dedicated honey bee enthusiast 
who care for the hives of bees across the world.

Mack the Bear wants to put a "bee in your bonnet"!
There are many envionmental issues that affect honey bees today.

We all need to be aware of what we 
can do to make a difference.
The Honey Bee Conservency 
offers excellent suggestions here.

Don't forget:

Plant a garden of bee loving plants. 

Support your local bee keepers.

Buy local honey and .   .   . 

Take advantage of the many 
health benefits associated with local honey.

Sadie encourages you to 
become an advocate for bees.

"Woof, Woof"
Spread the word!

If interested, you can find the recipe for 
Honey Lemon Cakelets 

Ten Ways to Make Your Yard More Friendly
to Bees and Other Pollinators 

Let's Celebrate 
World Honey Bees 

~ Save the Bees ~

Sadie Mercedes and I always 
appreciate your comments and visits.
Thank you for buzzing in today.



The summer we married, my husband was in graduate school, and I was employed as a teacher. We took a portion of our savings that summer and purchased a sailboat. We christened our Catalina 22, “Hyacinths For The Soul” after Saadi’s poem. Our "Hyacinths" provided years of pleasure.


  1. Sarah, your table on the terrace is truly breathtaking! Your celebration of World Honey Bee Day is a showstopper, every bee detail is perfect. Please pass me a honey lemon cakelet...I always buy local honey for its allergy benefits. I have had more bees and butterflies this year than I can remember. Thank you for this bee-utiful post!

  2. So many sweet details in this bee-utiful collection of yours, Sarah. I can so appreciate your fondness for all the little honey pots, the pillows and other textiles, but this goes above and beyond all that - incredibly varied! The Nordic ware beehive pan sure makes an adorable spread of delicious cakes, and I take it the adorable Woof cookie was especially chosen for Sadie. I know from experience the little cakes freeze well, so if your company doesn't eat them all up, you'll have a few to savor later. ♥

  3. Sarah such a beautiful and important post. Sadie is adorable and showing her support for the honey bee is puppy great.

    They are so important and a shame they're in danger for many reasons.

    You have a wonderful collection. The flowers in the large honey bee planter is so pretty.

    Enjoy your Sunday 🐝🐝🐝


  4. Sarah, I have been reading and learning so much about the importance of bees this summer and wow, it just incredible how important they are! Your bee vignette is over the top BEEautiful, so artfully designed and delightful! You have so many adorable bee collectibles, your bear is too funny and I'm crazy over the pillow! Your mini bee cakes look scrumptious! By the way, I recently read Queen Bee by Dorthea Benton Frank, it is a fun read and the lead character is about a bee keeper, I think you would enjoy it :)

  5. Oh Sarah, such an important message about the importance of the honey bee. I am truly happy I've had flowers that attract them and I need to be more aware when selecting for planting. Your terrace is such a lovely place for your collection of honey pots and bee items. I've made individual lemon cakes but I need to try this recipe, so pretty and summery. Nope, not surprised at your collection and it is lovely. Love how you put it all together, just wish I could sit and enjoy a honey cakelet with you. Sadie is the perfect addition!

  6. I am so glad that you’re a collector, Sarah, because we get to enjoy the benefits of how you arrange everything so beautifully. How I would love to join you and Sadie at your pretty table and share a cakelet with you. I do have some local honey everyday! Thank you for sharing! 😘🐝❤️

  7. BEEutiful post, Sarah. I am so glad you are a collector because the rest of us get to enjoy the visuals you present. My uncle was a beekeeper and kept bees on our farm as well as his own. My father always had a field of clover somewhere and that is my favorite honey still (that and orange blossom honey) People don't realize the differences in taste depending on where the bees live. xo Diana

  8. Your terrace is out of this world Sarah..and those boots..again:) As cute as the others..are these Joules?I sure like their clothes and boots♥And the panLOL..As you know..

  9. Excellent post. Thank you for the helpful links.
    Your bee inspired details are darling. Love the honey lemon cakelets! Your entire table is enticing and creative. Pinned to spread the word.
    I enjoy our local honey and one of my garden members is a bee keeper. I'm posting a link to your post on our Garden Club FB page. She will enjoy your post for sure.

  10. Wow what a great table dedicated to bees! I’ve heard if you use local honey it aids in fighting allergies. Cute honey beehive cakes and the teddy bear is adorable!

  11. Sarah! Bee Still My Heart! I’m all abuzz over your wonderful collection and details celebrating the honey bee! Mack the Bear with his bonnet, the bee skep toffee container, the pillow, napkins, cloche, adorable Joules sloggers! I have serious bee skep envy with your wonderful vase of flowers. I know firsthand that those honey cakes are delicious. Sweet Sadie joining in the fun too. Thank for the invitation to join you on the terrace. Your celebration is the Bee Knees! ♥ ������

  12. Look how pretty your table and patio are and Miss Sadie Mercedes.
    I am glad to hear you are a collector of more than one pretty thing

  13. Oh my goodness this is so beautiful! I love the whimsy and the black and white MC pieces are perfect! Such a fun and thoughtful table...our bees do need some help. My butterfly garden has attracted many bees and I'm happy to see them buzzing around!

  14. Sarah, what a wonderful post! A fabulous feast for the eyes. I thought I had a lot of bee stuff! Your cakelets had me yearning too. And all in such a beautiful setting! I'm all a buzzzzzzz

  15. Love the purples and yellows accented by black! Love all the individual elements. Love that you dedicated this to bees and provided info on what each of us can do.

  16. Dearest Sarah,
    Didn't even know it was World Bee Day on August 16, 2019. And National Black Cat Appreciation Day was August 17, 2019... We have 3 and one black tuxedo but did not celebrate anything special.
    LOVE your jar with honey being corked; such an unusual and pretty presentation and easy for inserting the wooden honey dipper.
    My Pieter loves honey and I just ordered 2 pints of locally grown honey for him. I have to watch my blood-sugar levels so I'm not using it much.
    Sweet photos and Sadie loves to be in the picture.

  17. what a lovely setting to celebrate the Bee! Mack is adorable all decked out and you've thought of every sweet detail. wonderful message also to be aware of the importance of bees. thanks so much for linking up to the party! As always your outdoor spaces are gorgeous!

  18. Sarah, this is a great post. I love bees and enjoy them in my garden!! I too have a bee themed collection. You have so many pretties. Save the bees!!

  19. Our mom said she loves this bee table.

    Astro & Mitzie Seattle Washington

  20. Sarah,
    Your table is so beautiful and I love all of the honey bee decor. I have a few pieces but not enough for a tablescape. Those bee hive cakes are adorable.
    You are being featured on Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop.

  21. I love it all - the tablecloth, the bees, all your MacKenzie Childs and of course Sadie.


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