Monday, September 11, 2017

Fall Is In The Air

As Hurricane Irma continues its path of destruction, my thoughts and prayers are with all who are in harms way.  Thank you to all who have written to ask about our sweet family who sheltered here after Hurricane Harvey.  They have returned to Houston and have begun the process of dealing with the aftermath of the flood that left over 3 feet of water in their home and totaled both of their cars.
After Harvey left Central Texas, Mother Nature kindly sent us a wonderful cool front.  There is a touch of fall in the air with the cooler temps, and I have been motivated to join my chef and do a little baking myself.  
Pecan Oil from Wimberley Valley Gourmet in Wimberley, Texas
A friend recently gave "the chef" a bottle of pecan oil. We visited Wimberley Valley Gourmet to see how they recommended using the pecan oil, and as expected, they share a variety of recipes on their web page.  Since we keep Texas pecans in our freezer and already had some bananas on hand, I decided to try the recipe for their banana nut bread .

The recipe is extremely easy and straight forward 

with just a few ingredients.

Basically all I needed to whip up the 

recipe was a whisk and a spatula. 

I baked it in my favorite loaf pan,

a ceramic piece in the Piccadilly pattern

from MacKenzie-Childs.

A mug of dark, rich coffee with a

slice of this nut bread is the 

perfect combination for a crisp, fall day.

Simplicity at its best!

Wimberley Valley Gourmet Banana Nut Bread
You can find the recipe here.

The Piccadilly loaf pan is retired, 
but other baking pieces in this cute pattern are available at

I'm sure you have noticed we have a new look here at

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A big thank you and shout out to Linda @ Life and Linda

for giving us a new template and blog update.

I am extremely appreciative of Linda's talent and generosity.