Monday, September 14, 2015

Tales of the Traveling Tote #3 ~ Miss Merri Mac Goes to the Park or R is for Relaxing ~ Reading ~ Riding and a Give Away!

Tales of the Traveling Totes #3

Miss Merri Mac Goes

To The Park

We've been having some lovely

weather of late, so Miss Merri Mac and I

headed to the park for a Sunday afternoon.

~ Zilker Park ~

At over 351 acres in the heart of Austin,

there is something for everyone here.

Zilker is without doubt the most beloved park in the city.

The list above is only part of what this park has to offer.

One of the main attractions of Zilker is

Barton Springs Pool, the crown jewel of Austin.

Barton Springs Pool is in the channel of Barton Creek

but fed from underground springs.   

The temperature is a cool 60-70 degrees year round.  

Too cool for moi!

Home to the infamous and endangered

Barton Springs Salamanders and the Austin Blind Salamanders,

the pool is listed as a federally protected habitat.

Weekly methodical and vigorous cleaning is 

required to maintain the pool for both the human guests

and the wildlife that lives within the cool waters.

The serene setting and the grassy slopes

on either bank of the pool offer the perfect

venue for basking in the sun to relax with a good book.

That is just what I did!

MEMORY OF VIOLETS is a sweet read.

sent me this book knowing that,

like her, I appreciate history and flowers.

I recommend you read this poignant story.

Rules prohibit food and drinks within the pool area,

but there is a concession stand just outside the pool entrance.

Miss Merri Mac and I decided

the afternoon called for a little sweet treat.

Which I enjoyed while sitting here

waiting for the next train to arrive.

The Zilker Zephyr that is!

The Zilker Zephyr is a narrow-guage light-rail 

miniature train that takes its passengers along 

Barton Creek, Lady Bird Lake, and through Zilker Park

for a leisurely scenic ride.

Hop on and grab a seat!

I want to show you the beauty of our park.

Zilker Park ~ Lady Bird Hike and Bike Trail ~ Barton Springs

Austinites and out of town visitors alike

gravitate to these major sites in the heart of Austin.

Come visit sometime.

Miss Merri Mac and I think you'll like our city.

Don't miss out on this generous gift

from Linda @ More Fun Less Laundry.

Read all about Miss Rosie's park adventures

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