Wednesday, February 24, 2010

F is for French Toast

F is for

French Toast

It's certainly no secret among my friends that one of my favorite foods is French toast. If it's on a menu, that's usually what I order when we go out to eat breakfast. So this was one of my Christmas presents this year.

But you can see this isn't exactly what comes to mind when one says, "French Toast!"

No, indeed! So since you've come for a visit I've pulled out some essential ingredients to make us a little treat this morning. Most any bread works for this dish, but I like to use challah bread in thick slices so it's nice and fluffy.

While you're here you may stay in our "French" guest room. I'll just bring up a breakfast tray with a pot of rich fresh ground coffee and a glass of chilled orange juice.

Just for you, I've used French linens. The napkin ring is also French.

F. L. G.

I have a group of French napkin rings that I've found when exploring weekend brocante markets in France. I like to think about who might have owned these little rings of silver and have a bit of fun imagining whose monogram is delicately engraved upon them. This one I think must have once belonged to Françoise Louise Gauthier.

I like to top French toast with a bit of mascarpone cheese and fresh berries.

But I also like to eat my French Toast with lots of confectioners sugar and a little maple syrup. What do you like on your French Toast?

French toast is a rich, sweet dish, so I like to add a side of sausage with mine.

Americans eat French toast for breakfast, but the French like to offer it as a dessert. They refer to it as pain perdu, or "lost bread".

I tucked in the new issue of Phyllis Hoffman's Celebrate Spring for a little reading pleasure.

Enough of my talking, you must be ready to eat. Settle in and enjoy your own plate of French toast. Bon appétit!

There on the bed resting on the pillows are Brigitte, Gabrielle le chat, and Zoé le lapin. You can read about them here.

Please take your time and enjoy your visit. Then click here to check in with Mrs. Matlock and the other Letter F lessons. I'm also linking this to Tablescape Thursday @ Susan's Between Naps on the Porch.