Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Faience and Flowers ~ Favorite Things

"Where flowers bloom, so does hope."
Lady Bird Johnson

Sharing some of my favorites
~ French Faience and Flowers ~

Yellow Daffodils in HenRiot Quimper Jug
Flanked by Yellow Faience Roosters
I've found that many collectors of Quimper are
avid gardeners and also share a passion for flowers.

HenRiot Quimper Vase with Sunflowers, Gerbers, and Purple Asters
These individuals are also a group ready to
share their knowledge be it about faience
or gardening or some other topic.

HR Quimper Soupiére with Yellow and Orange Tulips
I cherish the amazing 
circle of friends within the QCI.

Unusual HB Quimper Strawberry with Rose and Alstroemeria
It is always a treat to see correspondence
in my inbox from a Quimper friend.

AP Wall Pocket with Petit Breton & Onciium Orchids

It's a double scoop of joy when that email
includes an attachment with a photo of faience,

AP Wall Pocket with Petit Bretonne Filled with
Oncidiums, Often Called "Dancing Ladies"

Especially when the faience is filled
with flowers from one's garden.

HenRiot Quimper Vase Le Coq Vase Filled with Red Poppies
Double the pleasure!

Tulipière Marked with Single Red P
With spring in the air, I wanted to
share some of these colorful bouquets with you.

HB Quimper Camaïeu Blue Pitchet with a Bouquet from le Jardin
Won't you stay awhile 
and "smell the flowers?"

Three Lobed HB Quimper Vase Filled with Alstroemeria and Asters
One needs no 
special design skills.

Unmarked AP Secouette with Golden Thryallis
Fresh flowers 
snipped from the garden . . .

Alstroemeria Bouquet
And popped 
into a favorite vase . . .

HB Quimper Vase with Decor Riche Border and Fresh Sunflowers
Is all that is needed . . .

HB Quimper Jardiniere with a Mix of Hydrangeas and Other Spring Blooms
To create a lovely bouquet . . .

HR Quimper Fleur de Lys with Alstroemeria Blooms and PB Plate
To be used on a tabletop . . .

Group of Wall Pockets with Blue Plumbago, Yellow Bells, and Black-eyed Susans
Double Pocket HenRiot Quimper, Pair of Singles HR Quimper
Or in pockets on a wall.

HenRiot Quimper Vase with Decor Riche Border and Filled with a Bouquet of Roses
Roses fresh from the garden . . .

PB Cachepot with Fern and Savigny Bébé
Or perhaps a graceful fern . . .

Casual Arrangement in HB Only Horseshoe Shaped Vase
Fresh cut flowers or . . .

Pink Cyclamen in HB Quimper Cachepot
Potted plants will 
enhance a piece of French faience.

FF Desvres Fleur de Lys Vase with
Spring Mix of Tulips, Daffodils, Iris, & Orchids
French faience 
offers a variety of forms . . .

Springtime Bouquet in HB Only Jardiniere
Which can be filled 
with colorful blooms . . .

Jardiniere with Fern and Henriette Porson Figural
Or plants.

Unmarked Quimper Sugar Bowl with Colorful Zinnias and Fresh Basil
The original purpose 
of the container . . .

HB Quimper Jardiniere Filled with a Variety of Camellias
Is not important.

Petit PB Vase with Yellow Gerbers
It is the mix of French faience 
and flowers that provides the joy!

Not all of the faience shown here is in my personal collection. Special thanks to my friends Barbara, Doris, Eileen, Maggie, Susan, Twila, and Victoria for the virtual spring bouquets.

HB Quimper Becassine Figural Cendrier and Porte-Cigarettes
with Baskets of Fresh Blooms
“All the flowers of all the 
tomorrows are in the seeds of today." 

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