Sunday, February 7, 2010

Silver Sunday Thrifty Finds

A recent out of town trip with my sister yielded a few thrifty finds. The little trio of silver items were each in an antique shop, all tarnished with age, and each only a few dollars. I debated with myself as to if I should polish these gems. No doubt all you shabby chic girls would have voted against removing the fine patina of age. Honestly the two candy dishes were darker than the candlestick. I wish I had thought to take some before photos. The patina was truly beautiful, and I could have loved them as they were. In the end though, I decided to let the glow of sliver shine through for Valentine's Day.

Still waiting on this one. Not certain if it will even polish or if this is simply now the color of the metal. I rather like it as is. What do you think?

The base on this sweet candy dish was literally black. It is marked sterling, so I was confident this piece would polish out beautifully. And it did!

The base is simple with just a rim of detail.

The crystal dish has a fluted rim and is cut with nice detail. It is going to be perfect for candy or jams.

This beautiful dish was the prize. It too was completely black with age, and I was worried it might not polish up.

The central detail in the base of this dish features a mass of delicate little flower blooms. I wanted it to shine to highlight the amount of relief work in the design.

With the beautiful flower design, the sculpted edges, and the interesting shape . . . well, I think this piece is just full of charm.

It's perfect for a few Valentine chocolates. Help yourself!

This is the last day of Beth's Silver Sunday Season One. I'm a bit late joining in this week, but didn't want to miss the final day. If you want to see more Silver on this Sunday afternoon just pop on over to see Beth @ The Gypsy Fish Journal. Then look for Season Two to begin next week. Beth is now going to host Silver Sunday on the second Sunday of each month. See you then!