Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Hug

I've noticed that many around Blogville are still playing in the snow.

Come on in and take your mittens off to warm your hands by the fire.

I'll fix you a cup of hot chocolate.

These cute little snow-people mugs from William Sonoma keep your chocolate steaming hot under the top hat.

You say you are hungry too?

No problem! Look what we have inside the tin.

Snowmen cookies just for you!


Mary Engelbreit's frosty tin has been in our home since the 1990s.
Though the bare trees and snow covered evergreen branches
of this winter scene may reflect a cold day . . .

The smiles generated from the three way hug certainly warm my heart.

The hug says it all.

Thank you, Mary Engelbreit, for the whimsical joy your art brings into our lives.