Thursday, October 11, 2012

Weaving a Web of Inspiration

Cuisine Kathleen's mischief makers 

are at it again, stirring up fun around Blogville,

while the Boulah Twins, Beaulah and Zoulah have 

been busy cooking up Halloween treats in the kitchens 

These three Kitchen Witches 

flew in to offer up a little tabletop inspiration.

Lean in a little closer, if you dare, 

to hear the details of a spider's lair.

While hats float up in midair,

Jack-o-lanterns glow and glare, and

Black cauldrons hold a lion's share.

"Come sit," said the spider,

"I'll weave you a web .   .   .

Of fine silky threads,

And set you a table uniquely spread!"

I often find store displays to be a good source for inspiration.

I snapped photos of this charming table last year.

It enticed me to go home with my own 

set of the spider web tidbit plates by Tag.

(Out of courtesy, always ask permission to take photos of store displays.)

Look for an upcoming post 

that will feature these arachnid plates.