Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Witches' Night Out

As the sun hangs low the witches begin to gather.

There're flying in from all around, with faithful black cats along side.

Mr. Scarecrow welcomes the lively group . . .

Offering bits of cheese with fresh picked figs.

A spooky tree centers the evening table.

As each witch cat finds a spot among the bare branches.

Each will hover above their witch who dines below.

Shiny black dinnerware sets the stage.

Soup bowls filled with pumpkins soon will hold the cauldron soup.

Mini Jacks light the way . . .

With cones to mark each witch's spot.

A simple meal of salad and soup is the dining wish for Witch Night Out.

Ghouls and goblins watch with delight as witches gather to fill their plates.

At dinner's end the sweet course begins . . .

Chocolate delights with a touch of fright!

And a scoop of corn for the return flight.

A pail of treats for each as they fly off into the night.

Traveling safely home by the light of the moon.

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