Sunday, January 6, 2019

Hello 2019

HELLO 2019!

We rang in the New Year 
quietly here at home.

A bottle of our favorite champagne was chilled, and
we popped the cork as the clock struck midnight.

How did you welcome in the New Year?

Have you given thought to 
what will be in 2019?

Later, on our morning walk, Sadie reminded me, 
"It's the first of January and time to turn over a new leaf!"

She thinks more walks around 
the neighborhood is a good goal.

~ 2019 ~
I've given lots of thought this past week as to
what's on the horizon for me this year.

 I intend to turn over a new leaf with my needlepoint habit.
There are many WIP in my stitching basket that need my attention.
Each of these Christmas pieces are so close to being completed.
2019 is the year!!!

I picked up these three petite hearts at a local thrift. 
They were too cute and too inexpensive to pass up.
Hopefully they will be stitched in time for Valentine 2020.

An avid stitcher friend suggests I thread up three needles 
and at least stitch that every day.  I'm currently at work on these.
So far I've stitched everyday this year and fully intend to
have these darling eggs finished for my Easter basket come April.

Reading more is another focus for the year ahead.
I've become too lax about spending time reading on
line instead of reaching for good literature.
That is about to change, starting with Kate Williams'
A fan of historical fiction, I'm enchanted!
What is on your reading list?

That brings me to Hyacinths for the Soul.
I began HFTS in 2009 as a creative outlet in my retirement.
HFTS has brought me much joy these past nine years, mostly
because of the amazing friendships formed along the way.
I hope to continue this creative process, but like many,
I find myself blogging less and sharing more often on IG.
In between blog posts, you can find me on Instagram as SJPA48.
Hope to see you there as well.

❤️ ~ ❤️ ~ ❤️ ~ ❤️ ~ ❤️

Let's all count the bubbles and let 2019 sparkle!

Thank you to Nancy Thomas Gallery for allowing 
me to share this clever annimation.
You can find more of Nancy Thomas' creative art here.
You can also find her on IG as nancythomasgallery.