Friday, February 19, 2010

On a Pink Mission

Five years ago this weekend a young couple exchanged wedding vows. The bride's gown was made of tulle in whisper pink, the groom's tie was fine pink silk, and the wedding cake was a tower of pink and brown polka dots.

Yes, this young bride, my niece, does love pink! And the poor dear also suffers from the same "dish" affliction as her auntie. As she says, "It must be genetic!" So when I saw these heart shaped dishes in pink and brown with heart polka dots, I knew just who would appreciate a set.

I found these in 2007 being sold in a local grocery store for Valentine's Day. The availability in each store was limited with only a few pieces at various stores in the area, but I wasn't going to let that foil the plan. If one store received only the polka dot plates, another the stripe plates, and yet another the cups, well, then I'd simply track them down.

I admit it turned into a "mission" of sorts. but after phone calls to a list of stores in the metro area, I managed to locate all the various pieces. I could envision how cute it would be to mix and match these.

"Mission Accomplished"

Well, let's just say I "travel" great lengths when dishes are involved. And preserving pays off.

One store even offered these heart shaped ramekins to mix with the plates and cups; all of which were marked Blackhawk Marketing LLC.

There are so many uses for these little jewels, and they fit perfectly on the heart shaped salad or dessert plates.

Then by chance, I found two of these little pink and brown tidbit plates by Department 56. The photo color is off, but these rectangular plates are actually the same pink glaze used on the hearts. One is just a bit more intense than the other. Simply a "delectable" find to go along with those sweet pink and brown dishes.

In fact I found all these pink and brown ceramics so "delectable", I kept a set for myself. In the photo above you can see I used them as the dessert service for a dinner party that February. Dessert was mini chocolate heart cakes with fresh whipped cream and raspberries. I wish my photo was more interesting, but it was taken in 2007 before I knew what kind of photographs are expected of bloggers. LOL

As originally intended, a complete set was wrapped in love and given to my niece, the pretty young bride in pink. I think she uses her mugs and plates often.

I usually just use mine during February along with this pink cup I received as a valentine gift from a student in 2006. I like to use it as a container for a small plant and mix it among my valentine decorations. It fits in perfectly with the group of pink and brown stripes and polka dots.

The cup is from Starbucks and features 

delicate script around the inner rim 

and within a heart on the front.

And this sweet little 

"love" heart is tied to the handle. 

How special is that?

This year I serendipitously received 

these two larger heart shaped bowls 

as a valentine gift from a student.

They are perfect for morning cereal, 

hot oatmeal, or a tasty soup. 

 They also fit perfectly into the mix!

Happy 5th Anniversary, Sam and Michael


Happy Pink Saturday to All

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